of Garrett Middle School

Dr. Luke G. Garrett

 Luke Garrett Middle School was named after the late Dr. Luke Garrett, Sr., a prominent citizen of Austell. Dr. Garrett spent most of his life in service to the Austell community, and he was a friend of education.

Dr. Garrett served on the local school board from about 1910 until when the the local school was consolidated with the county system in 1945.  During his time on the board, Dr. Garrett had been known to personally borrow money in order to pay teachers during hard times.  He was a graduate of the Atlanta College of Physicians and Surgeons and maintained his medical practice in Austell.  He died at age 68 on April 13, 1948.

The naming of Garrett Middle School was by unanimous vote of the school board.  Other names considered were the Austell Middle School and the William O. Smitha Middle School.  The citizens of Austell rallied behind board member Ray Gary 's motion to have the school named in honor of Dr. Garrett.

Construction Scene- 1971

Garrett Middle School was first housed in what is now Austell Elementary School. The dedication of the building the school occupies today was on April 15, 1973.  The first principal was Dr. Frank Croker and the Assistant Principal was David Robertson.  The original faculty and staff members included: Orpha Anders, Warren Anders, Carol Ann Blackwelder, Kathryn Bordelon, Bettie Brister, Frank Fornarotto, Fannie Goodwin, Daniel Hatcher, Sandra Jennings, Rosemary Lee, Sandra McDaniel, Linda McPherson, Alice Nall, Mary Newsom, Joyce Pigg, Tommie Neal, Ann Salisbury, Sylvia Steed, Dea Taylor, Ronald Watters, Margaret Williamson, Hugh Wilson, Joe Butler, George Holiday, Marilyn Hammonds, and Miraiam Black.  Bettie Brister and Linda McPherson are still members of the Garrett faculty.

In a cooperative effort with the community agencies, a log cabin was built in 1976 to celebrate the Bicentennial.  Garrett expanded by adding a third cluster area in 1977.  A one mile Vita Par course was constructed through the combined efforts of the school, Promina Cobb Hospital, and the PTSA. Both the cabin and Vita Par Course were renovated in 1995-96.  An outdoor classroom was constructed in 1996.

Past Principals

Dr. Frank Croker
Dr. Larry Cooper
Mr. Joseph Boland
Mrs. Rose McNeese
Dr. Eugene Wright
Dr. Phillip D. Page


School Of Excellence - 1983-84
National Physical Education Demonstration School  1983-84
Excellence in Jr. High/Middle School Nutrition 1984-85
Backyard Wildlife Habitat Grant- 1991-92
Outdoor Classroom Grant

Georgia State P.T.S.A Environmental Education Award 1996
U.S. West Connecting Teachers with Technology Grant1998