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McEachern Booster Club Scholarship Criteria

Requirements to Apply

  1. Must have completed a minimum of three years at McEachern High School.
  2. Parent or legal guardian must be a voting member of the McEachern Booster Club as of December 31, for the current school year.
  3. Must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or better.
  4. Must have completed the season as a player on a roster, team manager, sports medicine trainer or wrestling assistant on a McEachern Athletic team.

To Apply for Scholarship*

  1. Must complete an Application
  2. Must submit an essay "What event, challenge or individual in your life do you believe has helped you become who you are today".
  3. Three teacher recommendations, two must be core class teachers, one can be from Coach of participating sport.
  4. Provide proof of grade point average and proof of a minimum 3-year completion at McEachern High School on the Scholarship Counselor Verification form. The completed form must be sealed in a designated envelope provided by the Senior Counselor's Office.
  5. One letter of recommendation from community service or volunteer leader.

*All items 1 - 5 must be completed and submitted in a sealed envelope to Coach Jimmy Dorsey's office in Macland Hall no later than March 1 of the year of graduation.

Scholarship Application:

McEachern Athletics Booster Club
Scholarship Award Winners

2004 Winners of the Conley Burge scholarship: Brandon Wix and Ciru Onifade
2004 Winners of the Athletic Booster Club Scholarship:
Brittany Beasley, Jessica Jernigan, Ryan Golden, Amy Durrence, and Blake Shealy (not pictured)

2003 Winners of the Conley Burge Scholarship: Randy Pritz and Jenna Wix

2003 Winners of the McEachern Athletic Booster Club Scholarship: Debra Yawn, Jason Thomson and Jenna Wix. (Randy Pritz also pictured)