Become a MHS Business Partner in Education
Partners in Education (PIE) is a program developed by the Cobb Chamber of Commerce

To become a Partner or Volunteer, please e-mail Janice Ritchey, Business Department Chair and PIE Coordinator

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Business partners are an integral part of educating students.  Partners provide real-world knowledge, content expertise, mentorship, and opportunities for student employment while developing the future workforce of the community.

Business partners are needed to serve as school-wide partners and work with students in numerous ways.  Business partners are asked to attend three meetings per year and participate in at least one additional activity. Partners participating in four events throughout the year are recognized by the Cobb Chamber of Commerce for their service to the community.

Opportunities for participation include:

  • Guest speaking

  • Instructor for a day

  • Project facilitators

  • Career day presentations
  • Judging student projects for competition
  • Providing industry resources

  • Campus visits

  • Field trip experiences

  • Tutoring

  • Mentoring

  • Job shadowing

  • Apprenticeships

  • Participating in Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Week

  • Employing students in the Business Education Cooperative Education Program

  • Preparing students to compete in Career and Technical Education Organization Competitions

Reasons to become a McEachern High Business Partner:


Company Promotion

  • Partnership builds company awareness and promotes a positive image

  • Working with students allows companies to recruit and train future employees

  • Involvement builds support for schools among employees and simultaneously boosts company morale

  • Promotes and builds relationships among other community members and businesses

  • Increases collaboration among businesses, community members, and educators

Benefits Local Schools
Becoming a partner requires little from employers, but provides our schools and communities with distinct advantages

  • Builds self-esteem for our students

  • Promotes positive relationships with role models and mentors from the community

  • Increases success in the areas of academics, attendance, and character

  • Develops career awareness and job opportunities

  • Provides business expertise and technical support

  • Increases relevance and promotes the need to do well in school

Benefits the Community

  • Increases communication among citizens

  • Strengthens local school systems

  • Develops educated citizens

  • Develops a well-prepared work force

  • Improves the economic development

  • Draws new businesses to the community

You can make a difference by partnering your business with McEachern High School!

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