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Auto Service Technology - Prerequisite: NONE
   This class is designed to provide the student with an overview of an auto mechanics cluster. This course helps develop and understand the basic principles and competencies of mechanics as they relate to small engines, automobile, and marine engines. It is designed to provide the student with job entry-level skills in the area of transportation occupations.

Construction Technology - Prerequisite: NONE
This class is designed to provide students with career decision-making information in the carpentry, masonry, electrical, and plumbing trades. It presents many of the processes used in residential construction including brick and block masonry, cement finishing, carpentry, and residential wiring. The program is designed to provide the student with job entry-level skills in one or more of the areas of carpentry, masonry, plumbing, and electrical wiring. 

Floriculture (Horticulture) - Prerequisite: NONE
Floriculture is designed to introduce students to many aspects of plant growth including soil composition, fertilizer, planting and plant care, landscaping and greenhouse management. Continued study in this program allows developmental care and use of ornamental plants, experience in growing and marketing bedding plants, plant identification, landscaping design, and controlling insects and pests. This class prepares students for entry-level employment in one or more areas of horticulture.

Graphic Arts - Prerequisite: Computer Applications
This class is designed to provide an overview of the design and production of printed material. Students will learn all phases of printing, including layout and composition, camera operation, stripping, plate making, press and bindery. Students are allowed to pursue specific components of personal interest through individualized study as they take more advanced semesters of graphic arts.

Drafting - Prerequisite: NONE
This is a program designed to familiarize students with skills and knowledge needed in the field of drafting. Instruction is given in basic drawing techniques, geometric construction, orthographic projection, production, map and topographic, and architectural drafting. Continued study in this program eventually may lead to advanced engineering drawings and advanced Architectural topics as well as the use of CAD equipment for both engineering and architectural drawing.

Engineering - Prerequisite: NONE
A program designed to provide practical applications along with problem solving skills needed for career and college preparation after high school. Programs are offered in the following areas: robotics, computer aided drafting, animation, desktop publishing, flight, space, engineering, research and design.

Health and Medical Occupations - Prerequisite: NONE
This class is designed to explore the various health related fields and to provide students with information to clarify personal interests and job preferences as related to health care occupations. Students will complete extensive first aid training and develop skills used in a variety of health careers. The program is designed to provide the student with job entry level skills in a health career area most related to the student’s interests such as dental, nursing, physical therapy and/or medical office assistance.

Cosmetology - Prerequisite: NONE
This class is designed to give students an overview of cosmetology career opportunities and to provide skill training involved with many different services. The program is designed to provide students with job entry-level skills in the area of Cosmetology. Students will be able to apply the instructional hours spent on live models toward the requirements for obtaining Georgia Certification as a licensed cosmetologist. This class may be taken in three period blocks for advanced students.

Protective Services - Prerequisite: NONE (10-12 grade)
This program prepares students by providing the skills and knowledge necessary to enter the field of criminal justice. Students receive instruction in Law Enforcement, the Court System, and Corrections.

NJORTC I - Prerequisite: NONE
Introductory classes provide instruction in:  citizenship, military customs & courtesy, patriotism, naval history through 1860, physical fitness training, learning to follow others, military drill, Naval ships, basic seamanship, patriotism and the flag, wearing the NJROTC uniform, and navigation.  All levels of NJROTC continue to develop skill using drill rifles and ceremonial swords.

NJROTC II/III - Prerequisite: NJROTC I
Advanced courses provide instruction in:  leadership, shipboard organization, naval history through WWII, naval history through Bosnia, international law and the sea, military justice, naval weapons, naval operations and communications, navigation rules of the road, meteorology and weather, astronomy, career planning and future challenges.

The most advanced level course provides instruction in leadership through case studies and administrative responsibilities as a class leader or an executive staff member.

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