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Foundations of Family & Consumer Sciences I A/B (9th/10th)                Prerequisite:  NONE

This course is designed to assist students in developing the core knowledge and skills in the areas of leadership, human development, family and parenting education, consumer economics and resource management, housing and living environments, nutrition and foods, textiles and apparel, and career preparation.  The course allows students to select specific areas for future concentrated study.

Child Development and Parenting A/B                                                    Prerequisite:  NONE

This course addresses the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors associated with supporting and promoting optimal growth and development of infants and children.  Topics include principles of physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and moral development; ages and stages of childhood; prenatal development; impacts of heredity and home and community environments; roles, responsibilities and challenges of parenthood.

Early Childhood Education A/B (10th-12th)                         Prerequisite: Child Development

Prepares students for employment in early childhood education and services.  The course addresses childcare and development issues. 

Introduction to Interior Design A/B                                                        Prerequisite:  NONE

This course is designed to prepare students to understand the interior design industry.  Areas of study include:  world of interior design; social, psychological, and economic influences; trends and issues; elements of design; and interior design principles.

Interior Design Fundamentals A/B                Prerequisite:  Introduction to Interior Design

This course addresses the hands-on applications of the design fundamentals as applied to body composition.  Items discussed include elements of design, principles of design, and color.  The use of the sewing machine is explored during application-based projects.

Nutrition & Wellness A/B                                                                         Prerequisite:  NONE

This course teaches fundamental cooking skills, as well as how to make wise decisions in planning, buying, preparing and serving foods which are nutritious and economical.  Good nutrition is stressed as well as basic kitchen survival skills.

Advanced Nutrition & Wellness A/B                                Prerequisite: Nutrition & Wellness

Develops skills in the analysis of food nutrients and nutritional programs and the development of menus to meet Nutrition Standard Menu Planning Guidelines. 

Professional Foods I A/B                                        Prerequisite:  Teacher Recommendation

This course prepares students for employment in a wide spectrum of food industry careers.  The course of study includes the development of skills in food safety and sanitation, accident & injury prevention, kitchen basics, operating and maintaining commercial utensils and equipment, preparation of commercial food items, the art of service, controlling costs, food management functions, and customer relations.  At the end of the course students must have participated in 200 hours of work-based learning experiences and pass a final exam to fulfill partial requirements for the National ProStart Certificate.

Professional Foods II A/B                                      Prerequisite:  Teacher Recommendation

This course focuses on the art of service, marketing and the menu, desserts and baked goods, meat poultry, and seafood, stocks, soups and sauces.    Accounting practices and the hospitality field are examined as well. 

FACS Internship A/B                                               Prerequisite: Teacher Recommendation

Prepares students for a career through teacher-supervised work-based training experience.  A student portfolio to document experience is required.

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