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Gifted Visual Arts/Video II - Prerequisites: GEL, Teacher Recommendation

TV/Video: This is the class where McEachern Live is produced. Grades are based on what students produce for the show. Students who want to major in broadcast journalism and/or who can dedicate several semesters to the class are selected.

Gifted Lit. & Film Studies - Prerequisites: GEL

Lit. & Film Studies: This course introduces the major form of fiction and nonfiction through film studies with an emphasis on evaluation of these forms through application of the elements of literature. Students will have an opportunity to design their own projects for broadcast. This is a production class.

Gifted Local Area Studies/Psychology - Prerequisites: GEL

Local Area Studies: This course is designed to examine the development of the local community. The focus of the course is the state and local government. Students will examine the state legislature, the office of the Governor and the court system. Responsibility of these organizations to the federal government will also be examined.

Psychology: Psychology A and B investigates the principles of psychology, developmental psychology, heredity and environmental aspects of psychology, learning theory, personality, intelligence, social disorders and research methods used in the study of psychology.

Gifted Comparative Religions/Humanities - Prerequisites: GEL

Comparative Religions: This course is designed to introduce students to the concept of religion, to investigate the various religions that exist in the world (both past and present), and to trace religious thought and its development throughout history. Students will examine the origins, principles, practices and God(s)/Goddess(es) associated with Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. They will also study alternative religions, various cults as well as New Age religious movements. Students will be able to define and explain the characteristics and transformations of religion and religious thoughts.

Humanities: This course investigates philosophical ideas and values in human affairs through the study of historical and philosophical influences in areas such as literature, language, composition, music, art, science and mathematics. Students will understand the thoughts of well known philosophers, philosophical terms, and how methods of philosophical thought should be applied.

Gifted Mythology/Comparative Religion - Prerequisites: GEL

Mythology: Mythology is a comparative study of the plot, characters, themes, and metaphors in the myths, stories, and tales of classic mythology that also examines the influence of Greek, Norse, Roman, and other mythology.

Gifted History of the English Language A/B - Prerequisites: GEL

This course focuses on the historical background and plays of William Shakespeare with an emphasis on performance. This course will also examine changes to the English language during the Elizabethan era. Class activities emphasize creativity and critical thinking skills.

Gifted Creative Writing/Journalism - Prerequisites: GEL

Creative Writing/Journalism: This course emphasizes journalistic and creative writing focusing on purpose, influence, structure, and language use in addition to fluency, control, style, and revising.

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