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Head Coach: TBD

Students interested in the Sports Medicine Program:

  1. Print and fill out application for admission into the sports medicine program.
  2. After completing application return it to the Main Training Room at the stadium.
  3. If you have any further questions contact the McEachern Sports Medicine Training Room.

Sports Medicine Mission Statement

  • The MHS Athletic Training staff will return every injured athlete back to completion as quickly and safely as possible.
  • The MHS Training will treat every athlete with respect and in a professional manner, while providing to the highest level of care possible.
  • The MHS Athletic Training staff will work together as a team in which all participants are regarded as equal and treated accordingly by staff and athlete's.
  • The MHS Athletic Training staff will attempt to achieve proper treatment of all athletic injuries to ensure no athlete is injured by improper treatment in any way.
  • The MHS Athletic Training staff strives to learn new and effective ways to treat athletic injuries.
  • If a member of the MHS Athletic Training Staff does not know the proper treatment protocol, they will refer the athlete to the doctor.
  • The MHS Athletic Training Room is a tool for all student athletes and student trainers to use to prepare for their education and future.
  • Time spent in the MHS Athletic Training Room will be quality time to increase knowledge, communication and social skills.

Student Trainers Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Report promptly for all assigned practices and games.
  2. Student Trainers are expected to be at all practices and contests this includes weekends and holidays. You are part of the team not an individual.
  3. Absences from practice or contest for illness, doctors appointments, etc. should be pre approved, however should an emergency arise the student trainer must notify the coach of the sport they are covering:
    1. In person before leaving school, no notes in mailbox, Do not send word through another trainer.
    2. By leaving a message on the school phone.
  4. A good attitude is important!! A poor attitude shows in everything you do. A poor attitude is the quickest way to get into trouble.
  5. Be positive with the athletes you work with during treatments and taping. Athletics mean a great deal to most players, and an injury ca represents a major setback in their life. If a player seems to be down about his/her injury status, try to emphasize the positive side. Making statements like "You're looking much better than yesterday", "Keep up the good work" will mean allot to the athlete.
  6. Be professional in your conduct around the Training Room or at athletic contests!! There should be no horseplay or filthy language.
  7. Refrain from making bad comments about coaches, players, teachers, administrators, etc.
  8. Maintain high academic standards. 2.8 GPA, no F's on report card.
  9. Complete all assigned training room duties.
  10. Follow all instructions given by the Head Student Trainer. 
  11. Remember it is a privilege to be part of the Sports Medicine Program, not a right.
  12. Remember you must use discretion when socializing; who you are around can reflect on you. This means weekends too.

Dress Code:

  1. You are expected to wear appropriate shirts (sports medicine) and shorts or pants to all practices, during time in the training room, and during all athletic events. Game dress is required for all athletic contest. Game Dress will differ according to the sport and will be defined at the beginning of each season
  2. No dangly earrings, or necklaces should be worn. If you have a necklace it must be worn inside of the shirt.
  3. Head Student Trainer will determine practice dress, when special dress is required.

Dismissal from the Program:

  1. Negligence of training room responsibility.
  2. Negligence of practice and game responsibilities.
  3. Failure to comply with training room policies.
  4. Failure to comply with school policies and regulations.
  5. Attempting to perform any medical treatments that are out side of the student trainer's capabilities.
  6. Failure to maintain academic standards.

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