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School counselors are integral to your student's success in high school. Counselors help students organize, plan, and navigate the road to their personal future. The counseling team at McEachern High looks forward to working with parents and teachers every step of the way in the student's attainment of their goals.

Please call us anytime. We look forward to working with you. Calling ahead for appointments will save you valuable time as well as allowing the counselor time to gather the necessary information to answer any questions or concerns.

Who is My Counselor?

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fax: 770.222.3739


Grade Level Alphabet

Dept. Liason

Testing Responsibility

Department Duties

Greg Mosher

9th Grade          A-Z

AP, Fine Arts, Gifted


Department Chair; Freshman Advisement Lead; 8th Grade Articulation; Trust Liason, Guidance Website; 9-11 Honors Night; Admin Liason; Freshman Center

Pam Fowler

10th-12th          A-E

Science, CT/Business

GHSGT (subject & writing)

SSD for SAT/ACT; SAT/ACT waivers; Fin.Aid Night; QUEST; HOPE Scholarship Lead; Status Report Coordinator; 504s; Senior Parent Breakfast; Sophomore Advisement Co-Lead

Kristy Beck

10th-12th          F-J          AVID Students (A-Z)

AVID, Special Education


Fall College Night; Scholarship Coordinator; AVID Program; Hearing & Vision Asst.; Senior Honors Night; Senior Parent Breakfast; Junior Advisement Co-Lead; GA Scholars; AJC Cup; Robert Byrd Scholarship; GA Certificate of Merit

Kei Ramsey

10th-12th          K-Q

Math, Modern Language

GHSGT (subject & writing)

Career Day; 9-11 Honors Night; Peer Mediation; Small Group Coordinator; Guidance Newletters; School Profile; Junior Parent Breakfast; Sophomore Advisement Co-Lead

Melissa Lynch

10th-12th          R-Z

English, Social Studies, P.E.


Classroom Guidance Scheduler; Peer Mentors; Hearing & Vision Asst.; NCAA Eligibility; Senior Honors Night; Junior Parent Breakfast; Junior Advisement Co-Lead; STAR Student; DAR; Wendy's Heisman Award

Patrick Burch

Graduation Coach



Liason for Oakwood, PLC, and Adult Ed. Center; PROBE College Fairs; Freshman Advisement Co-Lead; College Visits; Military Visits; Military Liason



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