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The History of John McEachern High School

1908-1969  Academic Building

John Newton McEachern, co-founder of the Life of Georgia Insurance Company, displayed an early interest in the education of young people. Mr. McEachern's financial support and his donation of 240 acres of land enabled the establishment of a new school in the Macland community.

   His endeavors inspired further donations for the school from civic-minded citizens. From these efforts an ambitious building project began. As a result of the work and dedication of Mr. McEachern and the community, the Seventh District Agricultural and Mechanical School opened in February 1908.

   Constructed in 1908, the first structure was a large two-story academic building with large white columns, a building that remained in use until it was razed in 1969.

Academic Building

Location: Bell Tower Area

1912 - 1942  Girls' Dormitory for the A & M School

  In 1909, the current Russell Hall was built to be used as a boys' dormitory. It was rebuilt in 1912 after a fire.
   The girls' dormitory was completed in 1912 on the site of the present John McEachern Hall. Next door to the girls' dormitory, a dining hall and the home for the principal were constructed.
   The current principal's home was also constructed during the early years of the A & M School. The top floor was used as a senior hall, and the bottom floor contained the shop. The students paid tuition and lived on campus.
   Aside from academics, part of the curriculum included farming. For their meals, students grew vegetables that were cooked by the female students. Other farming activities included raising livestock; students also grew cotton.
   In addition, students made the bricks for several buildings. Students could also participate in a variety of co-curricular activities including clubs and sports. The diverse education received at the A & M School prepared the students to be productive and responsible citizens.

Girl's Dormitory

Location: John McEachern Hall area



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