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The History of John McEachern High School

? - 1968  Cabin

   With the establishment of the University System of Georgia in 1933, the state program of Congressional District A & M Schools was abandoned, and all schools were closed. The Macland community insisted that the three large two-story buildings continue to be used for education.

   Five small Cobb County public schools (Corner, Macland, Due West, Talley's, and Mt. Zion) were incorporated into the Macland Consolidated School, which opened in October 1933.

   Once again, the McEachern family contributed very generously toward the education of young people in the community. Their money was used for scholarships, textbooks, library books, and other school supplies. It seems natural that shortly thereafter the community, through the local Board of Trustees, petitioned the Cobb County Board of Education to change the name of the school to the John McEachern Schools.

Academic Building Location: Keith Theater area

1939 - 1979 Gymnasium/Auditorium Building

   After this petition was approved in 1938, the school included students from first through eleventh grades. During this time, students graduated after the eleventh grade.

The McEachern family's involvement continued through the 1940's. Not only did John N. McEachern, Jr., help match subscriptions made by citizens of the community when a fire destroyed the old A & M girls' dormitory in 1942, but also his mother, Lula Dobbs McEachern, and his sister, Christine McEachern Smith, made donations.

   After Mrs. McEachern's death in 1948, the John McEachern Endowment Fund was established with eighty percent of Mrs. McEachern's stock in the Life of Georgia Insurance Company. At this time, the John McEachern Trust Fund Board was organized to administer this fund.

Girl's Dormitory
Location: Career-Technology Center Area



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