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The History of John McEachern High School

1948 - 2007 John McEachern Hall

  The school experienced its next expansion project in 1948 with the construction and opening of the elementary school building now known as John McEachern Hall. During this time, the old shop building was renovated into a spacious home for the principal.

   In 1957, a new gymnasium was built. A new wood shop and band room opened in 1962; after an addition to this building in 1963, it became the junior high school in what is presently Macland Hall.

   The boys' dormitory from the A & M years was renovated in 1964 into a classroom facility and renamed Russell Hall in honor of former Governor of Georgia and United States Senator Richard B. Russell (Class of 1914).

John McEachern Hall

Location: South Side of Campus between Dining Hall and Career Tech

1968 - 1994 Recreation Building

The students selected the Indians for their school mascot under Principal Julian Garrison in the early 1950's.

   In 1960, McEachern fielded its first varsity football team with the first football stadium being constructed in 1965. Two other facilities, originally housing administrative offices, business education, mathematics, school library, and a biology lab, were built in 1967; these are presently known as Senior Hall and Junior Hall.

   Between 1970 and 1975, enrollment at all grade levels increased to the point that a transfer of first through eighth grades to other schools in the area was necessary.

   The campus became one school known as John McEachern High School in 1975. During this time, the stadium was expanded, and a new field house was added.

   The music department also moved into a new building that still houses band classes, art classes, and a small theater.

Recreation Building

Location: Keith Theater Area



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