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Freshmen Center

The History of John McEachern High School

1991 - Present Ralph D. Williams Sports Complex

   Progress continued as the 1989 school year saw McEachern move toward the twenty-first century. Two computer learning labs were installed for mathematics. The media center computerized research materials and brought the information age to the student's desktop.

  In the 1990's, the face of the campus continues to change and adapt to meet the needs of the students who attend John McEachern High School. Two new writing labs serve students and supplement the English curriculum.

   In 1991, the Ralph D. Williams Sports Complex was dedicated for competition in track and field events.

   Opened in 1992, the Business Technology Building is a facility with six computer labs built for the modern and expanded curriculum in technology. Also located in this building are the foreign language labs for group and individual study.

Ralph D. williams Sports Complex

Location: Southside of Campus Across Bridge

1994 - Present Nature Center Pavilion

   The Nature Center at McEachern opened in 1994 and includes nature trails, a pavilion, a cottage, and the restored pond from early A & M years.

Nature Pavilion
Location: Southside of Campus Across Bridge

1996 - Present Interior of J. Alton Keith Theater

The J. Alton Keith Theater, opened in 1996, is considered to be one of the finest performing arts centers in Georgia.

In the Fall of 2000, the Jack D. Hall Freshman Center opened. This building is the largest one on campus and is vital to the "Freshman Experience" where freshman get eased into the high school community by having a main building for most of their classes.

   The Administration and Trust Fund Board of John McEachern High School believe that stepping ahead to meet the future is the challenge John McEachern and Lula Dobbs McEachern assumed when they first supported the concept that education can make an important difference in one's life. The faculty and staff of John McEachern High School remain committed to meeting the challenge of providing the very best education possible for all students.

   In 1908, the Seventh District A & M School began with fifty students. As John McEachern High School moves through the next century, student enrollment exceeds three thousand.

For almost a century, the tradition continues...

J. Alton Keith Theater
Location: North side of Campus

Jack D. Hall Freshman Center

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