Student Handbook

Area Code 770

Main Office…................................................................................…222-3710

Attendance Office….…………………..………………………..…..222-3725

 Field House.... .………………………………………………....…...222-3710


Media Center……………………………………………………..…222-3726

Dining Hall…………….……………………………………………..222-3711

Freshman Center............................................................................... ..222-3723



       8:25 – 9:58 - Periods 1 or 2

       9:58 – 10:06      PASSING TIME

      10:06 – 11:36 - Periods 3 or 4

      11:36 – 11:44     PASSING TIME

      11:44 – 1:44       PERIODS 5 OR 6

              (120 minutes/90 minutes class plus 30 minutes lunch)

      1:44 – 1:52         PASSING TIME

      1:52 – 3:25         PERIODS 7 OR 8



      8:25 – 8:45                        Advisory

      8:45 – 8:53                        passing time

      8:53 – 10:16                     Periods 1 or 2

     10:16 – 10:24                     passing time  

     10:24 – 11:44                  Periods 3 or 4

     11:44 – 11:52                    passing time

     11:52 – 1:52                    Periods 5 or 6

                (120 minutes/90 minutes class plus 30 minutes lunch)

     1:52 – 2:00             PASSING TIME

     2:00 – 3:25             periods 7 or 8



The Cobb County School District Manual of Administrative Rules will be included in a 2007-2008 Parent Information Guide given to each student along with the student handbook. Students and parents are encouraged to read this information carefully. Further information may be obtained at:


  • Be on time to class and to lunch. 

  • Leave the walkways clear for traffic.  Stopping to talk on walkways blocks traffic and makes other students late. 

  • Have your student ID at all times. 

  • Take care of your textbooks and other school materials.  Marking on books, desks, and walls shows a lack or respect for property.  You are responsible for repairs to any damaged property.

  • Wait in lines without pushing and jostling others.  Only seniors may move to the front of lines in the cafeteria.

  • Eating in classrooms is not permitted.  Only bottled water is allowed for classroom consumption.

  • Be respectful of adults and other students.  Inappropriate language, inappropriate displays of affection, rowdiness, and disturbing others are not acceptable behavior on campus or during school activities.

  • Get permission in advance when you need to see the guidance counselor, visit the media center, or use the restroom. 

  • Ask for help.  Fellow students and teachers can help you when you are unsure of correct procedures or the proper place to be.


 Inappropriate Behavior Consequences
(Subject to Administrator’s Discretion)

A.  Class Cut/AWOL over 5 minutes

1st  - Teacher calls parent and teacher assigns a grade of “zero” for missed work.  A disciplinary referral will be submitted – Saturday School

2nd +. - ISS

B.  Classroom Disruption (depending on severity)

1st - Teacher detention and parent contact OR teacher sends documentation to administrator – consequence range detention to OSS

2nd +  - Further disruptive behavior may invoke student removal from class (Policy JDC)

C.  Offensive Language

      Student to Teacher …………………OSS (up to 5 day)
      In Classroom ..................................... from Saturday School - ISS

.    Other instances ................................. administrative discretion

D.  Fighting (both parties except in rare instances)

      10 days OSS minimum AND referral to proper law enforcement authorities

E.   Inciting or Instigating a Fight (actions, comments, or written messages intended to cause others to fight or which might reasonably be expected to escalate or result in a fight):

      2 days OSS minimum

      Possible police incident report

F.   Verbal or Physical Altercation

      Suspension (administrative discretion)

G.   Defiant Behavior

      Administrator discretion – up to and including suspension

      Specific instances – minimum 2 days OSS:

                -Giving false information

                -Failure to identify self

                -Running from staff member

                -Failure to surrender hat/cell phone/CD player when requested

H.  Stealing

      Administrator Discretion and referral to proper law enforcement authorities

I.    Dress Code Violation

      The student will be discreetly referred to an administrator as soon as possible.

      The administrator will explain the inappropriateness of the student’s clothing.

      The parent will be contacted and given an explanation of the violation.

      The student will be allowed to change clothes if clothing is available.

      The student will not be permitted to return to class until the inappropriateness of the clothing is

      On the second and subsequent violations of the dress code, the student will be assigned
      appropriate disciplinary consequences for defiance.

J.   Bus Referral

      Consequences vary depending on offense, including suspension from bus.

K.  Forged Note/Admit Slip/Pass to Class

      Parent contact and “zero” assigned as grade/only doctor’s notes accepted in future for excused  
      absences AND/OR

      Further administrative consequences will vary depending on offense

L.   Unexcused Tardies

Students are expected to be on time to school and classes each day. Each incident of an unexcused tardy, an administrative referral will be submitted by the teacher In all cases, students receive a grade of “zero” on any activity in progress at the time of the tardy.

 NOTE:  Tardies are cumulative for ALL classes/advisement each semester. Tardies to school are excused only with doctor’s or dentist’s appointment verification, student illness, or court order.

M. Truancy

1st -  Parent notification/2 days ISS/absence(s) are unexcused with no make-up work
2nd -  ISS

N.  Failure to Follow Check in/Check Out Procedures

      Loss of parking privilege minimum 45 days for student drivers

      1st - Saturday School

      2nd - Saturday School

      3rd - ISS

O.  Failure to Serve Teacher or Administrative Detention

      Saturday School

P.   Failure to Serve/Complete Saturday School

                       1 day OSS

Q.  Display, Turning on, or Use of Cell Phones, Pagers, Radios, CD Players, Laser Pointers on
     campus and at school-sponsored events

1st incident - Item will be confiscated and returned to student outside of school hours provided student cooperates fully.

2 or more incidents - Repeated instances constitute insubordination resulting in disciplinary consequences AND return of item to parent/guardian ONLY. 

R.  Damage/Theft/Misuse of Technology Equipment

      Possible loss of computer network access for specified time

S.   Failure to Possess Identification Card when requested for it

1st - Detention

2nd - Administrative discretion

T.  Public Display of Affection

1st - Detention

2nd - Saturday School


Maintaining Student Behavior


Teacher Detention:  Teachers may assign detention for violations of class rules.  Teacher detention is served before or after school.  Know when and where you are to report for detention. If the student does not serve the teacher detention(s), he/she will be referred to the appropriate administrator. Failure to serve teacher detention will result in the assignment of a Saturday School.

Administrative Detention:  Administrators may assign detention for violations of school rules.  Administrative detention is served before or after school on either Tuesdays or Thursdays of every week.   Failure to serve administrative detention will result in the assignment of a Saturday School.

Saturday School

Students are assigned Saturday School for a variety of reasons.  Saturday School starts at 8:00am and ends at 12:00pm.  Students will be unsupervised if left on campus after 12:00.  Students should report to Dining Hall prior to 8:00am.  Saturday School is a supervised study hall, so students should bring work with them to occupy their time responsibly and productively. Parents are responsible for transportation to and from Saturday School.  Failure to serve Saturday School will result in 1 day Out-of-School Suspension.


In-School Suspension is a program designed to modify behavior while keeping the student in school with access to schoolwork.  It allows the student to earn grades for completed assignments and tests rather than a zero for each item missed.  The program isolates the student from his peers in a controlled environment that makes him consider the inappropriateness of his behavior.  When the student is assigned to ISS, he/she brings home a contract. The alternative to ISS is out of school suspension.  Students who cannot behave appropriately in ISS may be suspended.  If a student does not fulfill ISS, no make up work is allowed during OSS. Since ISS is a form of suspension, ISS affects participation in extracurricular activities.  Students are responsible for getting assignments for suspension dates unless instructed otherwise.  Students may accrue penalties for inappropriate behaviors (i.e., tardy, eating, not working on assignment, not reporting to ISS as assigned including return to school after absence).

Out-of-school Suspension

Suspension from school is an alternative to modify student behavior.  A suspended student cannot come on campus, attend any school function or practice until the day he returns to school from suspension. Certain behaviors always result in suspension due to Cobb County policy or local school policy.  For any suspension over 2 days, parents may choose to have their student attend a Transition Learning Center (TLC) up to a cumulative maximum of 30 days in a school year.   Transportation to the TLC will be provided by the school district.  See School Board Policies, specifically, JDD (Long-Term Suspension/Expulsion) and JDDB (Short-Term Suspension).


Depending on the severity or frequency of certain behaviors, a student will be excluded from participation in extra-curricular events for a period of time if the student is suspended out of school. The student would receive an exclusion from events in addition to the actual suspension dates ranging from 5 days to 30 days or even more. This exclusion would prohibit a student from attending after-school events, such as sports events or performances, as a spectator. The exclusion would also apply to participants in these events, such as student-athletes or student performers. These students would be allowed to practice with the student group, but they would not be allowed to attend events, such as games or performances, as either a spectator or participant.



The community of John McEachern High School believes that all students should wear clothing to school that fits well, reflects pride in oneself and supports the high expectations we maintain for our students academically and socially. McEachern High School respects the rights of our students to choose his/her dress style and appearance. Certain guidelines must be observed, however, to insure a wholesome environment.  In summary, attire shall not interfere with the educational process and shall reflect pride in oneself. Students shall wear clothing that is not distracting or disruptive to the classroom or school.

Girls       Skirts/Dresses/Tops/Pants Only

1.   SKIRTS and DRESSES must reach the top of the knee.  Students should measure the skirt before coming to school and be sure that it is of proper length when standing or walking.  Backless or strapless dresses are NOT permitted. Slits may be no shorter than three (3) inches above the knee.

2.   Tops may have sleeves or be sleeveless.  Girls may wear tank tops; shoulder straps must be
wider than one inch, and the sleeve curve must be close to the underarm so that no undergarment can be seen. Tops may not expose the shoulder blade area. No skin may show at the waist or back.  When a student raises her arms above her head and the midriff is exposed, the top is not appropriate for school. No low-cut necklines. Girls shall not wear tube tops or halter tops..

 Boys    Pants/Shirts Only

1.     Shorts/Pants must fit reasonably and not be excessively baggy. Pants cannot cover the shoes. 

2.     Shirts must have sleeves.

All Students

1.   Headgear:  No head coverings, no hats, no caps, and no headbands inside any campus building.

2.   Pants/shorts must reach the top of the knee.  No excessive slits.  No spandex is permitted.

3.     House/bedroom shoe and sleepwear (i.e., pajama bottoms) are not allowed.

4.     Undergarments should not be visible (boxer shorts, bras, etc.).

5.     Articles of clothing with tears or slits that expose skin not normally visible under the other guidelines of this dress code are not allowed.

6.     Footwear must be worn at all times.

7.     Clothing and jewelry which advertise or imply products that would be illegal such as drugs, tobacco and alcohol products, as well as any clothing which depicts statements or pictures that would be offensive to the mores of the Powder Springs community, will not be permitted (such as gang references, sexual references, etc.). Clothing recognized as being related to a group or gang, such as bandanas, shirts with gang references, belts of excessive length, etc., are strictly prohibited.





All students are assigned to advisement groups that meet as needed for distribution of materials and information sharing. Students may receive registration information as well as other school communications through advisement.



WHEN YOU                                                             SEE

-are late                                                       -Attendance Office/Freshman Center

-are sick                                                      -Clinic/Freshman Center

-are leaving early                                        -Attendance Office/Freshman Center

-have been absent                                       -Classroom Teacher

-need a transcript                                       -your counselor

-are withdrawing/changing school             -Attendance Office/Freshman Center

-have a question about college                   -Career Center/Russell Hall

-change your address/telephone                 -your counselor

-apply for free/reduced lunch                     -Manager in Dining Hall

-have locker problems                                -Building Administrator

-have lost something                                  -Freshman Center or Senior Bldg.

-need a visitor’s pass                                 -Russell Hall/Attendance Office

-need Certificate of Attendance                -Russell Hall - upstairs

-schedule questions                                    -your counselor

-work permit                                              -Senior Building




Athletic Director –Jimmy Dorsey             Boys Lacrosse – Patrick Lynch

Football - Jimmy Dorsey                              Baseball – David Joiner

Slow Pitch Softball -   Stacey Ford               Boys Golf – Wade Pilgrim

Cross Country  - Travis Gower                    Swimming – Melissa Alexander

Fast Pitch Softball – TBD                            Girls Golf – Wade Pilgrim

Boys Basketball – Nicholas Chaykowsky    Boys Tennis – Patty Craven

Volleyball - Patty Craven                              Boys Soccer – Mike Lockridge

Girls Basketball – Phyllis Arthur                  Girls Tennis – Linda Montgomery

Boys Track – Michael Taylor                       Girls Soccer – Steve Jones

Wrestling - Tony VanHorn                           Cheerleading – Priscilla Hankins

Girls Track – Wendy Truvillion                     Rifle Team – CDR. E.G. Sudol

Girls Lacrosse – Melissa Alexander


John McEachern High School has established a solid program of extracurricular activities for our students.  Over the past years many clubs and teams have received state recognition for their achievements.  Students who are involved in extracurricular activities enjoy high visibility and serve as role models for younger students in our school and in the lower grades.  Therefore, McEachern High School expects its students to act in accordance with their positions as representatives of the school at all on-campus and off-campus activities.  Questions regarding a student’s use and distribution of drugs and/or alcohol at any time during the year will be investigated thoroughly by school officials and may result in disciplinary action and/or suspension from all extracurricular activities regardless of whether the offense occurred at a school-related or non-school-related activity.  In addition, the student may be excluded from future participation in extracurricular activities.  (See Student Eligibility Folder for specific consequences.)



 The Cobb County Board of Education considers regular school attendance to be essential for educational success.  Students shall be in attendance in accordance with the requirements of the compulsory attendance law and for the number of full length days prescribed by law.

1.    You must bring a note from your parents by the day you return to the class you missed. If you miss a number of days in a row, one note will be acceptable for all days missed.  The note must include your NAME, grade, DATE(S) of absence, REASON for absence, PARENT SIGNATURE, and PHONE NUMBER where a parent can be reached.  Notes without all of the above information will cause the absence to be considered unexcused.

2.    Notes must be received by the day you return to the class from which you were absent.   No late notes or FAXED notes will be accepted.  NO PHONE CALLS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

3.    During the first class, the student must give the note to the teacher.  The absence is coded excused if the absence is a result of the reasons listed below.

4.  An admit slip, indicating whether the absence is excused or unexcused, will be given to the student which must be presented to all teachers in all classes missed. This admit slip must be presented within three days of the return to school.


Excused Absences

State law governs excused absences to school.  A student may be excused for the following reasons:

1.    personal illness

2.    serious illness or death in the family

 3.   special and recognized religious holidays observed by his/her faith

4.    preinduction physical examination for service in armed forces

5.    court order

6.    conditions rendering school attendance impossible or hazardous to his health or safety

7.    voter registration

Extended Absences

After a student has missed four (4) consecutive days of school due to illness, the parent may contact the guidance office to request make up work.  Work may be picked up 24 hours after making the request.  Long-term absences may require a homebound teacher(see Hospital/Homebound).  Request for consideration for extended absences due to family trips/activities must be submitted in writing to the grade-level administrator prior to the absences.  If approved, the absences will be considered unexcused, but the opportunity for make-up work will be offered.

Absence Notification

When a student has missed 5 days in any particular class, the classroom teacher will contact the parent/guardian.  When a student has missed 7 days, the student is seen by a grade-level administrator/designee and a social worker referral is sent.  At 10 days of missed school, and again at 15 missed days of school, there will be a letter sent from the school regarding the absences.  After 10 days of unexcused absences, a minor student (14 to 18 years of age) will have his/her learner's permit or driver's license suspended for one year or until the minor's eighteenth birthday, whichever comes first. After 20 days absence, the student will be required to provide a doctor’s note to excuse any further absences, including early dismissals. If no note is provided, the absence will be unexcused.  The ten, fifteen, and twenty-day absence rule is cumulative for the school year.


Make Up Work

Make-up work is a student’s responsibility.  No make-up work is allowed for unexcused absences.  A student may make up all work missed for excused absences only if the student presents an excused admit slip to the teacher within three days of the date he/she returns to school. A cooperative plan between the student and the teacher for the missed work must be made within 4 school days beginning with the date of the student’s return.  The teacher may require scheduled tests/long-term assignments immediately upon a student’s return.  A student suspended out of school may make up work EXCEPT for students suspended from In-School Suspension.  Make-up work done outside of school must be returned on the day of the student’s return to school.  Exams cannot be given early.

Long Term Projects:  All long term projects will have a date designated as the last day the project will be accepted by the teacher for full credit.  Projects may be turned in any time prior to the designated day, but not after the date.


1.       To be excused for being tardy to school a student must present a doctor’s or dentist’s official appointment verification, a note regarding student illness, or a document for a court ordered appearance at the time the student signs in to school.  Tardies due to missing the bus, traffic, oversleeping, car trouble, etc. are unexcused.

2.       Any student checking into school after 8:30 a.m. must sign in with the Attendance Office.  If a parent/guardian signs the student into school, a note must still be presented stating the reason for the tardy.

NOTE:  Tardies are cumulative for ALL classes/homeroom each semester.


In an effort to provide parents with access to their children through our check out procedure during instructional time, the following guidelines are to be followed:

1.       If a student is planning to check out for a prearranged reason (medical appointment that could only be scheduled during the school day, funeral attendance, court appearance) he/she must bring a note to the attendance office before first block begins (8:25 AM). 

2.       All notes from home must include the student’s name, current date, a brief explanation identifying the reason for being checked out, the check out time, phone number where a parent or guardian can be reached before the check out time and the parent’s signature.

3.       At the designated release time, the student must go to the attendance office to sign out.

a.        Any student who leaves campus without properly checking out will receive disciplinary action and may lose his/her parking permit and driving privileges for at least 45 school days.  McEachern High School is a closed campus.  Students must stay on the school grounds from the time they arrive, even if school has not started, until dismissal.

b.        Any student leaving the school grounds must check out through the attendance office.

4.       If a student becomes ill during the school day he/she should notify the teacher and secure a pass to the clinic.

5.       Students must keep early dismissal passes to present to teachers for excusing absences.

6.       The school reserves the right to require written requests or personal appearance of parent/guardian and proper identification before a student is dismissed.



 The school calendar is set up on an odd/even day rotation.  Each day is organized into four blocks or four periods of instructional time.  A student carries eight classes per semester.  On an odd day, periods 1, 3, 5, and 7 meet, and on even day periods 2, 4, 6, and 8 meet.  This schedule was instituted to provide teachers and students greater time to develop a teaching/learning relationship and to provide more instructional time and opportunities for students to succeed.



 Student behavior in the dining room should be based on courtesy and cleanliness.  This means leaving the area in the condition in which you would like to live. 


Lunch Period Guidelines

 1.       Students are expected to properly dispose of their trash and clean their eating area before leaving the cafeteria.

2.       Students will go through the cafeteria line and pay for their choice of food.

3.       Students are not to break or cut in line or hold a place for another student in line with the exception for seniors.

4.       Students are not allowed to go into any of the buildings during their lunch periods without a pass.  Students must be in the area between Russell Hall and the John McEachern bulding on the center of campus.  Failure to obey will result in disciplinary action.

5.       Students may ONLY use the restrooms located in the designated building.

6.       Fast food is not to be delivered to the school or eaten in the cafeteria.

7.       Students may not check out of school and return during lunch periods except for excused reasons.

8.           Students will need to carry their ID cards for scanning to purchase a lunch.


The Food and Nutrition Staff at McEachern High School serves up several different entrees daily which may include pizza, sub sandwiches, salads, hamburgers, nachos, wraps, value meals (an entrée 2 side items, and milk), plus many a la carte items.  You can find current menus and price lists at





 All students are charged with the responsibility of caring for school property.  Accidental damage when reported voluntarily will require restitution, but no further disciplinary action will be taken.  Willful and thoughtless misuse or damage will result in disciplinary action.  Vandalism is a violation of law and may be treated as such.

 Career Center

 The Career Center is located in Russell Hall and is open daily to serve students and parents.  Resources available in the career center include the following:  College and technical school catalogs, college applications, SAT and ACT applications, scholarship information, Graduation Test study guides, an SAT computer tutorial, job listings, and interest inventories.  Students may visit the career center with a pass from a teacher or during lunch periods.  Appointments can be made by parents or students to see the appropriate counselor for post-secondary educational planning.



 Cheating occurs any time a student solicits, receives or offers unauthorized help on any assignment.  This includes class work, homework, projects, special assignments, and tests.  Whenever a student is guilty of cheating, the teacher shall collect the student’s paper, mark a zero for the work, and notify the parent(s) and the appropriate administrator.  When writing reports, presentations, essays, projects, etc., students must give credit to all sources used, including the Internet.



Seniors who plan to visit colleges must make prior arrangements with the grade-level administrator for trip approval in order to make up missed work.



 Participation in interscholastic/extracurricular activities in public schools is a privilege.  Students and parents will be required to sign a John McEachern High School Conduct Statement and Drug/Alcohol Statement.  See Policy JHEB Policy addendum.  Eligibility requirements are set by the state, and all students involved in any GHSA-sponsored extra-curricular activity must meet state requirements.  The State Board of Education in an effort to encourage students to stay on track for their graduation requirements has adopted a policy that regulates student participation in activities.

All students participating in school activities must meet three criteria:

          -Take at least six classes

          -Pass five classes

          -Be on track for graduation

On Track Requirement means that by the end of the year, the student will earn a specified number of units.  Summer school is considered an extension of Spring semester.

 9th Grader earns Four Units

10th Grader earns Ten Units

11th Grader earns Sixteen Units



 Students having outstanding financial obligations will not be issued textbooks to begin a new semester until payment or arrangements satisfactory to the school have been made.


 Any time a student leaves campus on an official school trip, signed parental consent must be given. If the trip causes a student to miss another class, it is the student’s responsibility to secure that teacher’s permission and arrange for any missed work to be made up.



A fire drill will be held at least once a month.  Weather drills will be conducted periodically.  Plans have been designed to afford the greatest ease of escape and safety.  It is imperative that each student cooperates completely when the alarm is sounded. One of the greatest hazards in emergencies is our own conduct. Silence and immediate response to adults’ directions is demanded. Further directions are provided in each classroom.  You should be aware of each plan so that your reaction is appropriate when most needed. 


Deliveries of flowers or gifts to school will not be accepted.  These gift items are distracting and disruptive to students in the classroom.  Any other emergency deliveries of textbooks. lunches, etc. should be brought directly to the appropriate grade-level office. 


 Applications for free and reduced priced lunches are accepted any time during the year.   Applications are available through the cafeteria manager. Students will follow procedures as instructed by dining hall staff.


Students who receive an incomplete grade on a semester report card are required to resolve the incomplete no later than 14 calendar days after the end of that semester. Failure to do so will result in 0’s being averaged in for the incomplete work and then the teacher will determine the final grade.


Grading Scale

                                        90-100.................... A



                                        70-73...................... D

                                        Below 70................ F



 If parents have concerns about their student’s grades or progress in a class, they may contact the appropriate teacher and/or counselor. 


 If parents have concerns about discipline, they should contact the appropriate grade level administrator.  If parents have other concerns, they should first contact the teacher involved.  If the issue is not resolved after speaking with the teacher, then the parents may contact the appropriate grade-level administrator. 


 A complete range of guidance services is available to every student at McEachern High School. Counselors are available to help with personal, educational, and career counseling.  The staff encourages and invites students, parents and teachers to visit when resources, services and insights may be helpful. We want to help our students to plan successful years during high school and beyond.

The guidance counselors maintain a collection of current information which includes:  college catalogs and applications, a career center, financial aid forms, scholarship information, military and civilian career outlook materials, and much more. All of this is available to parents, teachers and students. In addition, the counselors conduct workshops and seminars of timely interest; for example PSAT preparation, financial aid sources, and registration information.


The Guidance Counselors are involved in a school testing program including:

9th Grade: End-of-Course Tests

10th Grade: PSAT;  End-of-Course Tests

11th Grade: PSAT, SAT, ACT, ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational   Aptitude Battery), High School Graduation Test, ASSET (Technical College Entrance Exam); End-of-Course Test

12th Grade: SAT, ACT, ASVAB, High School Graduation Test, ASSET;  End-of-Course Tests

In order to be most effective, counselors see each student on an appointment basis. Students may arrange appointments through the guidance office.  Parents may arrange appointments by calling the appropriate grade-level counselor.

HOPE SCHOLARSHIP: Georgia residents who graduated in 1993 or later, who earned a 3.0 average on a 4.0 scale in core subject areas meeting the college preparatory program, or a 3.2 on a 4.0 scale in core subject areas in a vocational program are eligible for HOPE scholarships at a state public college, university, or state vocational/technical schools.  See guidance counselors for additional information.



 Students should be in the halls or out on campus only at the beginning of school and close of school and while moving from one class to another unless they have special permission. Students in the halls or on campus during class time must have a pass that is written by the teacher in the student’s handbook. Students are asked to keep to the right when moving in the halls or on campus Vending machines shall not be used during class time.  Disciplinary action will result for using vending machines during class time.


Students are encouraged to use a written planner to record homework assignments and refer to each evening. Parents are encouraged to emphasize the importance of homework by asking about daily homework and checking for completeness. Some assignments are long-range in nature and require planned study or library time. Parents can support students by helping them plan ahead and dividing tasks down into manageable parts. This type of involvement can reduce stress and improve the quality of work a student produces.


In the event that any student has a medical emergency that requires hospital and/or homebound instruction, the student or parent(s) should notify the appropriate grade level counselor as soon as possible.  Once application for this service has been completed and the doctor has signed it, the Homebound County Office shall determine eligibility.  Hospital/homebound students are counted present by exception and are required to maintain their studies to receive course credit.  Please remember that upon return to school, it is the responsibility of the Hospital/Homebound student to secure the remainder of the missed or make up work and to arrange a timeline for its completion. Failure to pursue this can result in a loss of grades and/or course credit.



Locker space is provided free of charge to each student requesting a locker. Each student is responsible for any item in the locker or any defacement to the interior or exterior of the locker.  Stickers and posters are not allowed on lockers.

School insurance does not cover loss of books, materials, or personal possessions stored in lockers.  Giving locker combinations to friends or sharing a locker with any person other than the student(s) assigned to the locker can cause problems.  Valuables should never be left in lockers.  During P.E. class, store items in an athletic locker with a lock provided from home.  If you have any locker problems, see your administrator.  Lockers are the property of Cobb County Public Schools and are subject to inspection and search by school officials.


Students who misplace personal belongings during the school day should check the appropriate administrative office. 


McEachern’s Media Center provides a variety of services for students and teachers. Media Specialists and staff help students to locate and use print, non-print, computer based and Internet resources.  A quiet atmosphere conducive to individual research and pleasure reading is maintained. The Media Center is open from 7:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and from 7:30 to 3:30 on Friday.   A teacher-issued pass is necessary for admittance to the Media Center during the school day. Students do not need a pass to use the media center before or after school hours.

Students use the computer to access the on-line card catalog, full text magazine and newspaper indexes, electronic encyclopedia, and atlases.  Internet access is available under teacher supervision with parental approval.

Computer use in the Media Center is for research and/or class assignments.  Students whose teachers have signed up classes for research will have first right to the computers.  Internet access is subject to all Cobb County/McEachern High School policies.  Checking e-mail and personal surfing does not fall within the Cobb County/McEachern policies.  Printing from the computers is available at the cost of ten cents per page.  Students may use the Cobb Virtual Library (CVL) resources from the media center or at home. To access at home, access The password changes quarterly and can be obtained from the media specialist.

Students may check out three books for class work and/or pleasure reading. To check out a book students simply use their student ID card. The check out period for a book is three weeks. Students who do not return their books promptly will be contacted through their advisement group. After a time the book will be considered lost, and the student must pay for it. Photocopy machines are available for student use at ten cents per page.

Reference materials, magazines, and newspapers are for use in the Media Center only.  Personal supplies needed by students for the completion of class projects are to be brought by the student for his/her use.  All campus rules and regulations are in effect in the Media Center.



1.       A school employee, or voluntary clinic worker, will with the written permission from the child’s parent/guardian assist the child in taking medication. Only medications that have a required dose during the school hours will be given.

2.    Medications must be brought to the school office/clinic by parents.

3.    The school will not supply over the counter medications.

For further information on this topic, please review Form JLCD-13 on the school district website.


Limited parking space is available on campus.  McEachern seniors and juniors can earn premium parking based on cumulative GPA.  Local and county policies govern student parking. McEachern students must follow all of the procedures outlined on the county application.  In addition, neither students who drive to school nor students they transport can receive an excused tardy because of traffic, car or ride problems.  Cobb County policy states that any driver who has six unexcused tardies will lose parking privileges for the semester.  The campus police officer supervises parking and handles violations and tickets.  To resolve parking problems, see the campus police officer.  Administrators have the right to suspend/revoke parking privileges.  Fees for parking (subject to change by school district) are:  Parking decal - $50.00 for first car;  $5.00 for additional car from same family to use same space.



The school cannot take or deliver personal messages for students, except under very special and specific circumstances.  These circumstances will include the following only: 1) notification of death, serious illness, or disaster in the family, 2) medical appointments that have changed unexpectedly, 3) an unexpected change in work schedule for a student enrolled in the work program.

Phones located in all Administrative and faculty offices are generally not for student use.


It is very important that students be present on registration days.  Equally important is the task of carefully selecting courses and returning completed forms.  Once courses have been selected, the signed registration form becomes a commitment to remain in the chosen classes.  Every effort will be made to accommodate the selections indicated; however, the following factors may affect the student’s final schedule:

1.       In the event a student has chosen a course and his/her final grade does not meet the prerequisite listed in the course booklet, the schedule must be adjusted accordingly.

2.       In the event a course listed in the course booklet is not requested by a sufficient number of students, that course will not be offered, and the student will be placed in an alternate choice.

3.       A student who selects two courses that are offered the same period will be placed in only one of these courses and an alternate choice.

4.        If the student chooses to withdraw from a course after 10 days of the semester, the student will be given an ‘F” for that class.  The “F” becomes a part of the student’s grade point average.


During the first 10 days of the semester, schedules may be changed for the following reasons: needs specific course for graduation, already passed course, administrative reassignment, or class balancing to level the size of class rosters.




Report cards are issued every six weeks. Following the first six weeks, progress reports are given at three-week intervals.  Only the 18 week or semester grade is recorded on the permanent record and receives an earned credit.  Report cards are mailed home.


A student will be retained in a grade level if he/she does not earn enough credits to be on track for graduation.  To be promoted a

          9th grader earns 5 or more credits

          10th grader earns 10 or more credits

          11th grader earns 16 or more credits


Students should make every effort to use the restroom during the walk time.  Restroom privileges during class time are subject to teacher’s classroom rules.  Any special consideration of a student regarding this rule must include a doctor’s note detailing reason for consideration.


Normal school hours shall be defined as 8:00 am until 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.  However, reasonable rules of student conduct shall apply at all times students are on campus and in attendance at any school related activity on this or another campus or any public or private property being used for a school related function. 

After normal school hours, there is no formal supervision of the McEachern High School campus. Students should arrange for rides based on this knowledge. Students should plan to leave the campus no later than 4:00pm on a regular school day unless there is a planned event involving a staff member that begins by 4:00pm. Remaining after school for an evening event that begins after 4:00pm is not allowed. No students or outsiders will be allowed in the school building or on school campus, including the gymnasium, after normal school hours without faculty supervision or proper adult supervision authorized by the school administration.


School insurance is available to all students.  A packet is available for each student on the first day of classes.  Purchase of this program is optional. Students must have proof of insurance to participate in extracurricular activities.


All social events implying any association with McEachern High School must be approved by the administration.  All events must be chaperoned.  Only presently enrolled students and their approved guests may attend.  Appropriate school rules of conduct are in effect even though the event may be off campus and after hours.


Beta Club  French Honor Literary Team SADD
Chess Club Freshman Forum Math Team Senior Class
Chorus/Drama Future Educators Model UN Skills USA/VICA
Cultural Diversity German Club German Honor Sophomore Class
FBLA  Gospel Choir   NHS Spanish Club
FCCLA  Junior Class Voc/Tech Honor Spanish Honor
FCA    Key Club Next Level  Step Team
French Club Literary Magazine Peer Helpers Student Council

Students and parents should check the McEachern High School website for updated club/student organizations and their related events.



All students will be issued a student identification card which must be carried at all times. Student identification cards may be required for admittance to school activities.  Lost identification cards will be replaced for a fee of $5.00.


All students are to keep the school current of residence, change of residence and guardian information and telephone number.  In the event a change needs to be made in this information, the student should see the clerk in the appropriate grade-level office.


A recognition program is held near the conclusion of the year to honor students.  Honor graduate status will be awarded to any student earning a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or better.  Grades are computed through the second semester of the senior year.  An honors recognition ceremony is held in May.  Each department honors exceptional students in each course offered at McEachern High School. Scholarship recipients and McEachern Trust Fund scholars are recognized.



Legislation requires that local school systems certify whether or not a student’s attendance pattern and discipline record allow him or her to have a Georgia driver’s permit or license.  Forms are available in Russell Hall (upstairs) and cost $2.00 for processing.  Forms turned in Monday through Wednesday are ready on Friday;  those turned in Thursday or Friday are ready on the following Tuesday.  There are NO same-day forms processed under any circumstances.


For the purpose of reporting, a non-compliant student is one who:

1.... has dropped out of school without graduating and has remained out of school for ten consecutive school days.

2.... has more than ten school days of unexcused absences in any semester or combination of two consecutive quarters.

3.... has been suspended from school for:

         a.  threatening, striking or causing bodily harm to a teacher or other school personnel

                  b.  possession or sale of drugs or alcohol on school property.

                  c.  possession or use of a weapon  on school property.



 The school cannot be responsible for students’ personal property.  Students should leave valuables and large amounts of money at home.


Students are not to bring visitors with them to campus during the school day.  Persons wishing to enter our campus must first report to the Administrative Office on the first floor of Russell Hall or Attendance Office to request a visitor’s pass from the principal or his designee. Parents are always welcome; however, they must make appointments to see the teachers, administration or counselors.  Instructional time will not be interrupted for conferences.

(According to Cobb County Board of Education Policy JV);

A.      All persons wishing to visit a Cobb County School must contact the school principals or his/her designee prior to or immediately upon entry of school property.  The persons must obtain written permission to visit any part of the school, and the principal may grant permission at his discretion in accordance with school operations.  The presence or visitation of unauthorized persons in and about school system facilities or properties may constitute trespassing and may subject visitors to criminal prosecution under the laws of the State of Georgia.

B.      A student or employee may not have an unauthorized visitor in class.

Legal Reference:  OCGA  20-2-50; 20-2-57; 20-2-59



Before students withdraw, please contact the appropriate counselor and the attendance office.  Students who withdraw from school must have authorization from the parent.  The withdrawal form must be signed by everyone indicated in order to be cleared of all accounts.

If it becomes necessary to withdraw from school, a withdrawal form should be obtained from the Attendance Office and taken to each subject matter teacher and other persons indicated on the form.  All textbooks and library books must be returned and all money due for lost/damaged books, fines and fees must be paid before records can be presented.




Students who are of legal age and want a work permit may obtain a work permit from the Senior Building. Please allow 3 days for processing once the completed form is turned in to the office.



Yearbooks are sold in the fall of the year directly by Herff-Jones, the publisher of the McEachern yearbook entitled The Jomehan.  Order forms are mailed to the home of all enrolled students;  in addition, Herff-Jones supplies a toll-free number and a website for ordering yearbooks.  The toll free number and the website information are available in the main office, and they will be posted on the McEachern website.  These services are available in the fall of the year, so all guaranteed yearbooks must be purchased at that time.

Graduation Requirements

The State Board of Education offers four diplomas:  College Preparatory, College Preparatory With Distinction, Technology/Career and Technology/Career With Distinction.  (Courses listed below in the programs meet the entrance requirements for public post-secondary institutions in Georgia.  Students who are planning to attend a school other than a Georgia public institution should check the specific requirements of the school they wish to attend.)  In order to receive a diploma, students must also pass the graduation exit exam requirement and obtain a grade point average in the Core Courses of 3.0 or above on a four point scale.




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