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Sedalia Park Elementary School

Tiffany Jackson, Principal

Ruth Martin, Assistant Principal  | Kahliah Rachel, Assistant Principal  |
Aunquize Perkins, School Leadership Intern  |  Courtney Hardy, Student Services Administrator  |

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After School Program (ASP)

Malaun Nelson

  • ASP is open each school day from dismissal until 6:00. Students must be registered for the program before staying. Cost is $7.00 per day per student with an annual registration fee of $10.00.
  • ASP is a PRE-PAID program. There must be money in the student's account or they will not be allowed to stay.
  • Activities for ASP include recess (outside and in the gym), homework time for 2nd – 5th on Mondays – Thursdays, arts and crafts, and board games.
  • Behavior expectations in ASP are the same as the regular school day. Students can be withdrawn from the program if they are not following rules and regulations.
  • ASP closes at 6:00 sharp. The late fee is $1.00 per minute per child. If a child is picked up late 3 times during the school year, they are withdrawn from this program.
  • ASP is a PREPAID program. All tuition fees must be paid prior to a child staying in ASP. Any account that is paid late 3 times during the school year will result in a child being withdrawn for the remainder of the current school year.