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Relationships, Rigor, and Relevance for All

Donna Long, Principal

Jill K. Spiva, AP | Michelle Moore-Greenblatt, SSA

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News and Announcements

Information on Programs and Placement

If you were unable to attend the principal chat on SFES Programs and Placement, please view the accompanying PowerPoint

SFE qualifications for AC math are:

·        85-99% Quantitative Cogat

·        90-99% Iowa Math total or Level 4 on Milestones in Math

·        3/3+average for former school year in math


SFE qualifications for AC Reading/ELA are:

·        85-99% Verbal Cogat

·        90-99% Iowa Reading Total or Level 4 on Milestones in ELA

·        3/3+ average for former school year in reading

Kindergarten Online Registration

Click here for Kindergarten Online Registration

Million Minute Reading Challenge

Are You Up for the Challenge? 

The Next Count Day is Tuesday, April 30 !!

Our current school total is 781,093 minutes

Kindergarten Total: 93,124 minutes 

1st Grade Total: 137,213 minutes

2nd Grade Total: 88,017 minutes

3rd Grade Total: 158,306 minutes

4th Grade Total: 180,929 minutes

5th Grade Total: 123,504 minutes


Our Reading Challenge this year is the Million Minute Challenge. SFES students have been challenged to read for 1,000,000 minutes outside of school hours this year. If we achieve this goal as a school, we'll have a fantastic reading celebration!

Third through Fifth Grade Students can only count minutes when they read; they cannot count minutes when someone reads to them. They can only count minutes outside of school hours; time spent reading during ASP can count. 

Second through Fifth Grade Students will use Biblionasium to log minutes or can use a paper reading log. 

Kindergarten, First Grade Students, Second Grade Students, and self-contained SPED Students can count minutes when they read or minutes when someone reads to them.  However, they cannot count reading during school hours. Please print and use the reading log found here; turn your reading logs in to your teacher.

The Million Minute Challenge Begins on MONDAY, AUGUST 27, 2018! We will tally minutes on October 26th, December 7th, January 31st, February 28th, March 29th, and April 30th. 

For every tally period, the class in each grade level with the most minutes for that tally period will receive an extra recess! 

At the end of the Challenge, the class in each grade level with the most minutes will receive a popcorn & movie party in the Learning Commons!

At the end of the Challenge, the SFES class with the most minutes will receive an outdoor water party! 

If a student reads for 360 minutes, he/she will receive a pass to Six Flags for Summer 2019.

For every 1,000 minutes a student reads, he/she gets to select a new book to keep!




How do I log my Reading Minutes for the Million Minute Challenge?

Second through Fifth Graders will log minutes using Biblionasium. We will use Destiny to Log In. 

To log in to Biblionasium, click here. Enter Georgia & Shallowford Falls Elementary School. Your User Name is your Lunch Number (Student ID Number).  Your Password is the same as your Computer Password (your Lunch Number/Student ID Number unless you have changed it). 

The Reading Log link is on the left hand side of the page.

Need additional information about Biblionasium? More help logging in? Have questions? Go to the Learning Commons Blog.

Questions? Ask Mrs. Head at

Shallowford Falls Elementary Tours

We offer school tours regularly for those who are interested in learning more about our school. Tours are given on select Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:00 am and 11:00 am. Please register for a tour here. Unfortunately, during our testing times, we are unable to provide tours. If you have questions, please contact Stacey Sinclair in the Front Office. 


Transportation Change

Please print and fill out the linked form for transportation changes: A Note From Home

Lunch & Specials Schedule

Lunch and Specials Schedule can be found here.

Lunch and Specials Schedule after Spring Break can be found here

Specials rotation can be found here.


Congratulations to Ms. Lynn Boland, Our 2018-2019 Teacher of the Year!!

Congratulations to our 2018-2019 Classified Employee of the Year, Michelle Mallard!

Carpool Procedures

Dear Shallowford Falls Parents,

As our enrollment continues to increase and more and more students are coming from outside of our Shallowford district, we would like to review the car rider procedures.

  1. Carpool begins at 7:20.
  2. Students will only be unloaded at the curb.
  3. Pull all the way to the top of the curb to begin unloading.
  4. Your child should be ready to get out of the car with book bag in hand.
  5. Do not wait for an adult to open the car door for you.
  6. Car pool ends at 7:50, when the tardy bell rings.

If you arrive after 7:50, you must park and walk your student in.

  1. Park in a designated parking spot.
  2. Escort your child into the office and sign them in.
  3. Do not send students into the building unattended.

Carpool does back up onto Shallowford Road. We anticipate this will increase this year as our enrollment is up. While we are working with our local CCSD police to make carpool run smoother, it is always the best option to put your child on the bus. They will never be late if they ride the school bus.

Over the summer, the Department of Transportation created a new traffic pattern on SFES property to help alleviate the congestion on Shallowford Road during the morning and afternoon carpool.

All cars will now drive past the left turn that leads to the carpool drop-off point, through a curbed turn-around by the back entrance to the parking lot where the buses come in, and then back out, making a right turn to the normal drop off point. Students will only be dropped off at the curb in front of the school.

If you are parking, and walking your child in, you MUST stay in the carpool line and access the curbed turn-around, prior to parking.

This new traffic pattern will take some time to get used to. Please be patient. We will have our Dads Group and SFES staff available to assist with the flow of traffic the first few days of school.

Mrs. Long & Mrs. Spiva


Good News: Office 365 for all students

All CCSD students (K-12) will have access to the Office 365 digital tools suite unless a parent previously opted out last school year.  If a parent wants to confirm student access and/or ascertain their student’s Office 365 username, they can locate this information via ParentVUE (

Communication with Parents will be as follows:

  1. The “All Parents.pdf” message will be sent to parents who previously consented or provided no response to the consent emails last school year. See attachment below.
  2. The “Opt-Out Parents.pdf” message will be sent to the small number of parents who previously opted out last school year, giving them information on how to opt-in. See attachment below.
  3. Parents will no longer receive monthly emails requesting they provide a consent option.
  4. Schools will no longer need to send the consent email to their parents.

Once again, parents can view their students’ access, view their students’ account login information, and view instructions on how to use Office 365 through ParentVUE (

Download All Parents Letter

Download Opt-Out Parents Letter


Office 365 Support Page for Parents  

Consent via Email   {Video on how parents can give consent via an email message from CCSD}

Consent via Synergy ParentVUE  {Video on how parents can give consent via Synergy ParentVue}