Car Lane Procedures


This message is a reminder of our car line procedures to help all of our students get to school and return home safely every day.  

·To get as many cars off of Trickum Road as possible, please follow the morning car line procedures to “double stack” and use the merge lanes.  
·When there is a long traffic line, please pull far down the sidewalk so that several students can unload at the same time.   
·Please do not drop off your child in our parking lot area for the protection of your child.  Students must be dropped off at the red curb along our sidewalk.  

·Per the Fire Marshall, parents are granted permission to park along the fire lane at our sidewalk 30 minutes before our dismissal.  Please do not park in the fire lane before 3:45.  You must also remain in your vehicle.  
·Walkers must stay together when exiting the building and must follow the directions of the teachers and the crossing guard to cross through our parking lot and Trickum Road.  
·Please remember that our crossing guard and our campus police officer are not allowed to direct traffic on Trickum Road.  

Thank you for your assistance!  We appreciate your support in getting all of our students home safely and efficiently!  
Ansley Daniel