Faculty & Staffintenance

All teachers will be using Edmodo this year for communication, assignments, and web postings.  Please refer to your student's page for your parent link. (Edmodo Informational video for parent access is linked here.)

Administration Office
Dr. Ansley Daniel,  Principal e-mail   Blanca Carmichael, Secretary e-mail
Kristin Starnes,  Asst. Principal e-mail Mary Tallman, Bookkeeper e-mail
Hannah Polk, Asst. Principal e-mail Trina Rivera, PPO e-mail
Erika Beck, SSA e-mail Laura Shutt, Clerk e-mail
Kevin Triebsch, SLI e-mail   Renee McDade, Clerk  
Taijah Davis, Counselor            (Blog) e-mail      
Randi Vaughn, Counselor         (Blog) e-mail      

6th Grade Subject E-Mail
Meredith Argo Math e-mail
Stephen Atchison Reading e-mail
William Boyd Social Studies e-mail
Lynzee Courtney Reading e-mail
Amanda Crain Social Studies e-mail
Nancy Fish Language Arts e-mail
Deitra Heard Language Arts e-mail
John LaMarca Science e-mail
Vicki Mullis Math e-mail
Suzanne Werner Math e-mail
Chris Whiting Science e-mail
6th Grade Support Subject E-Mail
Dyana Bishop Language Arts/Social Studies e-mail
Shelley Carr Science e-mail
Bhavna Chokshi    Math/Social Studies e-mail
Joanne Dunbar (Allison) Reading/Language Arts e-mail
Bryna Matyus Math e-mail
Susan Ridgeway      Social Studies e-mail
Linda Rogers Reading e-mail
Chelsie West ELA/Math/Science e-mail

7th Grade Subject E-Mail
Janna Atkins Social Studies e-mail
Meredith Argo Social Studies e-mail
Marcie Donaldson Reading e-mail
Sheridan Evans Language Arts e-mail
Amy Freund Reading e-mail
Ted Fuller Math e-mail
Jeffrey Hobby Math e-mail
Shanna Irving Reading e-mail
Kelly Kelly Math e-mail
Vicki Mullis Math e-mail
Emilie Rose Science e-mail
Meredith Wagner Social Studies e-mail
Tricia Weinard (Dent) Language Arts e-mail
Susan Woyce Science e-mail
7th Grade Support Subject E-Mail
Cindy Battaglia Reading e-mail
Shelley Carr Math/Language Arts e-mail
Bhavna Chokshi    Math/Social Studies e-mail
Bryna Matyus Math/Science e-mail
Susan Ridgeway      Reading e-mail
Linda Rogers Social Studies e-mail

8th Grade Team Subject E-Mail
Darren Armstrong Social Studies e-mail
Brandon Boyd Social Studies e-mail
Camilla Cohn French/Spanish e-mail
Mary Colclasure Math e-mail
Robin Cummings Science e-mail
Sandra Davis Language Arts e-mail
Kim Dickerson Spanish e-mail
Marcie Donaldson Social Studies e-mail
Shanna Irving Language Arts e-mail
Valerie Johnson Math/Science        e-mail
Lynzee Courtney Social Studies e-mail
Claudia Martinez Spanish e-mail
Krista Mastrangelo Language Arts e-mail
Kristi Stilz Science e-mail
Kevin Triebsch Social Studies e-mail
Michael Welskop Math e-mail
8th Grade Support Subject E-Mail
Cindy Battaglia Reading e-mail
Shelley Carr Reading/Science e-mail
Bhavna Chokshi    Math e-mail
Joanne Dunbar (Allison) Reading/Language Arts e-mail
Susan Ridgeway      Social Studies e-mail
Linda Rogers Language Arts e-mail
Kristine Schwartz Science/Social Studies e-mail
Connections Subject E-Mail
April Booe Art e-mail
Kerri Waller Art e-mail
Valerie Page Band e-mail
Krista Pezold Band e-mail
Kirstin Cagle Chorus (blog) e-mail
Harrison Cook Orchestra e-mail
Dana Tindall Orchestra e-mail
Jerry Mahon PE/Health e-mail
Whitney Robinson PE/Health e-mail
Randy Watts PE/Health e-mail
Jenny Murphy Technology e-mail
Austin Smith Technology e-mail
Special Education Media Center E-Mail
Kelli Clendenin, EBD e-mail Spring Voltz e-mail
Merritt Green, Speech-Language Pathologist e-mail Lea Gormanos (para)
Paulette Mcmillian, EBD  e-mail Social Worker  E-Mail
Deirdre McCarthy-Dillon, SID/PID e-mail Margaret Hoskins e-mail
Interpreter ISS E-Mail
Mariela Andersen e-mail Charles Barnard e-mail
Samuel Gonzalez  e-mail      
  ELL   Nurse E-Mail
April Booe e-mail Laurie Bartlow e-mail

Support Staff Kitchen Staff
Monya Burrell        Joy McClain Mary Wynne, Manager                                e-mail
Jacqueline Hurley Kimberlee Romocki Yolanda Bates                        Pat Pekelnicky
Tina MacDonald   Nina Jacobs                            Dawn Polk   
    Rebekah Mathis                      Wendy Veno               
      Janet Nix

Support Team Guests

Briana Smith, Head Custodian           e-mail Colleen Breaugh, Tech
Deborah Boatright          Zella Oliver Katrina Morgan, Student Services (e-mail)
James DiPatrizio Rose Rogers Officer Daniels , Campus Officer (e-mail)
      Kradan Otsby, OT and Alan Latimer, OT
      Sandy McColl, Psychologist