Collaborative Projects


Children's Books 

  • My Town is Important
    Classes will write and illustrate individual poems about their town, and share a class poem on the project webpage that describes special features of their town
  • Westward Ho
    This simulated journey allows classes to travel the trail as part of the Westward HO! Wagon Train; many opportunities for reading and writing

  • Stellaluna grades 2-3
    webquest for Stellaluna; learn about bats and write your own bat story

  • Sarah Plain and Tall grades 3-5
    Align yourself with one of the main characters in the book, Sarah, Plain and Tall and create a journal as one of the characters in the story.
  • Brother Eagle Sister Sky grades 4-5
    Learn how nature was important to Native Americans & create a persuasive PowerPoint.

Author Studies


  • Aesopís Fables grades 1-2
    Read a fable and create a story, poem, or poster that relates to the fable.
  • Young Authors Webquest grades 3-5
    review some popular fairy tales, and choose one you would like to re-write; work in groups of 4

General Emphasis on Writing

  • Sense-sational Senses grade K
    Investigate the 5 senses.  Design a "sense-sational" person and present it to the class.
  • Bats grades K-2
    use with the book Stellaluna; research bats and then write a letter
  • Excellent Explorers grade 4
    research about explorers; in groups choose the explorer with the most interesting journey; send home a "message in the bottle" telling about your journey
  • U.S. Constitution grade 4
    Learn about the U. S. Constitution and write a first hand journalistic account as if you were there.
  • Rosa's Rights grades 4-5
    Write a special edition for your local newspaper on Rosa Parks and the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950ís and 1960ís.