Skills Practice Activities

Many of these activities require you to have Flash and Shockwave loaded on your computer.

  • Alphabet Garden
    make the flowers grow in the garden by clicking on the correct letter of the alphabet in sequence
  • Fun with Letters
    learn about individual letters, learn to draw letters, and create words; don't miss this if you teach kindergarten!
  • Letter Match  (click on Games and then click on the A)
    animated alphabet memory game; reads name of letter aloud
  • Paw Park
    alphabet order practice for lower grades
  • Starfall's ABCs
    click on the letters of the alphabet to hear words said aloud that begin with that letter
  • Edit Dan's Copy
    Dan needs your help in editing his news report; pick Level 1 for capital letters and punctuation or Level 2 or run-on sentences, quotation marks and apostrophes
  • Grammar Blast
    grades 2-5, multiple choice format, created by Houghton Mifflin
  • Wild and Wacky
    add your own words to create a wild and wacky story; great practice with parts of speech and spelling; creates a nice printout of your story
  • Making Words
    select letters to create word families, click on one of the games in the "Play" column to begin
Sentence Building
Spelling and Vocabulary
  • Spelling Match
    for grades 1-8; practice spelling, phonics and some grammar skills