Literacy Activities
First Grade


  1. Alphabet Zoo
    Match uppercase and lowercase letters

  2. Education Network's Literacy Center  
    Learn upper and lower case letters, colors, and more

  3. Paw Park Kangaroo Confusion
    Match upper and lower case letters 

  4. Starfall's ABCs click on the letters of the alphabet to hear words said aloud that begin with that letter

  5. Leo the Letter Loving Lobster


  1. Paw Park Sassy Seals
    Identify initial letter sounds of words

  2. Picture Match 
    A matching game that reinforces the concept of beginning-letter and short-vowel sounds; lets students print their matches when finished

  3. Pounce
    Listen to the word that Cleo says and click on the word that matches

  4. Fearless Frieda Goes Skating
    spell words with short vowel sounds

  5. Loosey Goosey Rhymes
    Practice with initial consonant sounds

  6. Clifford Sound Match
    Find the words that begin with the same sound as the picture name.

Sentence Building

  1. Monkey Business
    Put words in order to make a sentence

  2. Silly Sentence Machine
    Create silly sentences by choosing who, where, when, how, and type

  3. Spot the Sentence

  4. Noun Dunk

  5. Capitalization and Punctuation

Spelling and Vocabulary

  1. Look, Cover, Write, Check

  2. What's in the Bag?
    An online activity designed to give students opportunities to explore descriptive words; uses sound

  3. Supermarket Spree
    "Read" the list and then fill your cart with the matching items

  4. Spin and Spell

  5. Puppy Letters