Literacy Activities
Second Grade


  1. Alien Scavenger Hunt Letter Bugs
    catch the letters to spell the short vowel (CVC) words you hear

  2. Alien Scavenger Hunt Space Trash
    catch vowel sounds to spell the words you hear

  3. Fearless Frieda Goes Skating
    spell words with short vowel sounds

  4. Fearless Frieda
    spell words with short and long vowel sounds

  5. Rhyme Rodeo

Grammar and Writing

  1. Apostrophes
    practice with contractions and possessives

  2. Edit Dan's Copy
    Dan needs your help in editing his news report; pick Level 1 for capital letters and punctuation or Level 2 or run-on sentences, quotation marks and apostrophes

  3. Getting the Right tense
    spot the verb, choose the correct verb form and rewrite sentences

  4. Grammar Blast
    grades 2-5, multiple choice format, created by Houghton Mifflin

  5. Personal Pronouns
    spot the pronoun, choose the right pronoun and rewrite sentences

  6. Power Proofreading
    edit mistakes in short passages

Sentence Building

  1. Monkey Business
    Put words in order to make a sentence

  2. Silly Sentence Machine
    Create silly sentences by choosing who, where, when, how, and type

  3. Penguins on Ice
    make sure to choose "Big Screen with Sound"; put words in order to make sentences and punctuate sentences

Spelling and Vocabulary

  1. Look, Cover, Write, Check

  2. What's in the Bag?
    An online activity designed to give students opportunities to explore descriptive words; uses sound

  3. Spelling Match
    practice spelling, phonics and some grammar skills

  4. Squanky the Tooth Taker: Quest for Antonyms
    match the opposites

  5. Squanky the Tooth Taker: Quest for Synonyms
    match the words that have the same meaning

  6. Supermarket Spree
    "Read" the list and then fill your cart with the matching items