Online Writing Activities
Second Grade


  1. Photo Fill Ins
    What do you think this ______ is thinking? Fill the thought balloons to go along with these funny animal pictures and print you creation.

  2. Fun Brain's Writer's Block
    write responses to weekly topics/questions; responses will get posted after being reviewed

  3. I Spy Riddle
    Each month we'll feature an I SPY picture and ask you to write the riddle.

  4. Reading Planet's Book Zone
    Search for a book using the Book Search box; click on the "Review Book" button to share your thoughts

  5. Poetry Idea Engine
    this activity will allow you to write haikus, free verse, limericks, and more

  6. Poetry Splatter
    choose a poem title from the list; fill in the blanks with words that are splattered onto the screen to create a silly poem

  7. Story Maker
    pick a scene, answer a few questions, and we will start your own personalized story which you get to write the ending to

  8. Writer's Block
     Join together with other kids to build a story block by block