Talking Books for Kindergarten 


Reading Planet Stories

  1. Barnyard Babies

  2. Bobo the Baby Elephant

  3. Five Frogs

  4. The Day Little A Ran Away
    Read this story about how the letter "a" is used in so many words.

  5. Honeybees and Bears
    Rhyming story about bees; ask your children to listen for any rhyming words

  6. If I Were a Little Fish
    Listen to this story to hear about different attributes of ocean life-excellent vocabulary builder

  7. Julia and the Big Wave

  8. Nigel the Duck

  9. Quackety Yack Too cute to miss!

  10. Safari Song

  11. Slow Movers

  12. What If the Moon

Other Stories

  1. And the Caboose Said

  2. The Missing Pencil
    Interact with the character to help solve his problem

  3. The Butterfly Trail
    Go exploring with Digby. Help him find the items from his backpack.

  4. The Wishing Tree

  5. Kiz Club
    3 different levels of stories on topics such as The 5 Senses, Farm Animals and Seasons; click on the orange arrows at the top of the page for more stories

  6. Starfall Learn to Read  
    Learn to read short and long vowel sounds; tales for the early beginning reader

  7. Starfall It's Fun to Read

  8. Clifford Read and Write
    4 different short stories available; Choose words to complete the sentences in the story

  9. Your Adobable
    an ABC story song

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