Literacy Activities


  1. Alphabet Zoo
    Match uppercase and lowercase letters

  2. Clifford's Letter Round Up

  3. Education Network's Literacy Center  
    Learn upper and lower case letters, colors, and more

  4. Paw Park Kangaroo Confusion
    Match upper and lower case letters 

  5. Starfall's ABCs click on the letters of the alphabet to hear words said aloud that begin with that letter

  6. Leo the Letter Loving Lobster

  7. Missing Letters



  1. Making Words  
    Select letters to create word families, click "Play" column to begin

  2. Fuzzy Lion Ears
    Listen to the word and then click on the letter that is missing

Round 1   Round 2    Round 3    Round 4    Round 5    Round 6

  1. Picture Match   
    A matching game that reinforces the concept of beginning-letter and short-vowel sounds; lets students print their matches when finished

  2. Letterella
    Locate letters on the keyboard and hear words sounded out that begin with that letter; 2 levels

  3. Clifford Sound Match
    Find the words that begin with the same sound as the picture name.

Sentence Building

  1. Silly Sentence Machine  
    Create silly sentences by choosing who, where, when, how, and type

Spelling and Vocabulary

  1. Look, Cover, Write, Check practice spelling numbers and colors

  2. Nina the Naming Newt

  3. Picture Pairs
    Play Level 1; this game uses everyday vocabulary words in English and Spanish