Grades K-2
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Counting and Numbers 

Counting 1-20

  1. Counting Objects Make a graph to show the number of animals in the picture.

  2. Count the Bananas

  3. Bananas For Lunch counting story

  4. Dragon Fair Connect the Dots

  5. Lilypad Counting

  6. Bees and Honey Count to 10 while practicing mouse skills.

  7. 'Less Than' Lake Maze  Help Monster cross the lake by jumping from one stone to the next. The  number on a stone must be smaller than the one before.

  8. 'More Than' Marsh  Help Monster cross the marsh by jumping from one island to the next. The  number on a island must be more than the one before.

Numbers up to 100

  1. Behind the Blob Figure out the number hidden behind the red blob; play level 1, 3 or 4.

  2. Award Ceremony Order a given set of random numbers; order numbers up to 50 or 100.

  3. Give the Dog a Bone Find the 10 hidden bones on the 1-100 number square in less than minute.

  4. One False Move Click on the numbers in order from lowest to highest (or highest to lowest).

  5. Count Along to 100 Fill in the missing numbers of the hundred chart.

Number Representations/Place Value

  1. Number Machine  Arrange three numbers to make a number greater than the Hacker's number.

  2. Dino Place Value Begin to recognize that 2 digit numbers are made up of tens and ones.

  3. Manny's Rumba  An excellent online tool to develop base ten concepts.




  1. Adding Bricks Count bricks to explore addition facts.

  2. Great Day for Number Lines addition with sums to 10

  3. Dositey Addition animated addition lesson using pictures; facts to 20

  4. Add Like Mad How fast can you add? Find out by playing Add Like Mad!

  5. Addition Matho just like Bingo

  6. Addition Hidden Picture Uncover the hidden picture while practicing addition skills.

  7. Addition Surprise Introduce the addition table to your students using this site. They can practice on-line how to input and read the table while practicing addition facts.

  8. Bus Addition Create addition problems by adding students to the lower and upper level of this bus.

  9. Seashell Search Add numbers correctly and collect shells in a bucket; facts up to 10

  10. Tic Tac Toe

  11. Adding 2-Digit Numbers Without Regrouping Step-by-Step Lesson

  12. Adding 2-Digit Numbers Without Regrouping Step-by-Step Exercise

  13. Adding 2-Digit Numbers  With Regrouping Step-by-Step Lesson

  14. Addition 2 Digit Step-by-step Step-by-Step Exercise

  15. Addition 3 Digit Step-by-step An interactive site that leads students through the steps necessary to complete 3 digit addition problems with regrouping.

  16. Draggable Addition Solve addition problems using this interactive work mat.

  17. Rock Hopper Use mental math strategies to add numbers; 6 different levels of play



  1. Busy Bees Find how many bees are inside the hive!

  2. Subtraction Hidden Picture Uncover the hidden picture while practicing subtraction skills.

  3. Subtraction Baseball complete the number sentence; numbers less than 10

  4. Subtraction Bowling complete the number sentence; numbers less than 10

  5. A Day at the Beach Find the differences to paint a beach picture.

  6. Count Back Number Line Subtract numbers and see how the dot changes its position on the line.

  7. Diffy Solve an interesting puzzle involving the differences of given numbers.

  8. Draggable Subtraction Solve subtraction problems using this interactive work mat.



  1. Tumbleweed's Math Maze based on "snakes and ladders", kids are asked to answer simple math questions correctly; addition and subtraction practice on the easy and medium levels

  2. High-Rise Math Play a game to add and subtract your way to the top. This is a 2-player game.

  3. Math Magic timed math tests for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

  4. That's a Fact self-pacing game to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts and improve memorization skills.

  5. Dude's Dilemma Help rescue Maggie's dog, Dude, who is trapped on a rooftop! You can rescue him by answering a few math questions. Pick addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.



  1. Loading Shapes Load the truck with the matching shape.

  2. Buzzing with Shapes  It's like TIC-TAC-TOE, four in a row! Know your shapes and win the game! This is a 2-player game.

  3. Story of Shapes

  4. I Spy Shapes

  5. Dragon Fair Find Shapes

  6. Pattern Blocks Shape Game Students should have fun manipulating these shapes to make designs, and may learn something about tessellations in the process.

  7. Shapeville pick out shapes in different photographs; 3 different games to play

  8. Triangle Alley Problem solving and trial and error come together in this shape game.

  9. Attribute Blocks Practice sorting blocks by color, shape, and size.

  10. Venn Diagram Shape Sorter   Click the red question mark to play "Guess the Rule".

  11. RoboPacker flip, slide or turn the robots to fit them in their suitcases; 6 different levels of play



  1. Polka Dot Shorts Help find the 3 object pattern in a grid.

  2. Flower Frenzy Help Tumbleweed plant his garden while practicing your patterning skills.

  3. Color Patterns Arrange colors to complete a pattern.

  4. Pattern Blocks Use the pattern bocks to create ABAB or ABCABC patterns.

  5. Patterns

  6. Meet Paul Pattern



  1. Money to Build a Robot Count the coins to build a robot!

  2. Counting Money

  3. Comparing Money

  4. Pick A Coin Students will meet some new friends who need help making money decisions. After studying the amount of coins each friend has already, the student will be asked to choose the coin needed to make a larger amount of money.

  5. Piggy Bank  Can you choose the correct coins so that they add up to the amount of money shown in your piggy bank?

  6. Cash Out (easy level) You're the cashier at this crazy store. You need to give change to the customers buying things. Try to sell as many items as possible before the time runs out.

  7. Discovering Coin Values Choose the correct coins so that they add up to the amount of money shown at the top of the screen.



  1. Willy the Watchdog Work with Willy to tell time! This is a 2-player game

  2. Stop the Clock Game: Time in 15 Minute Intervals Match the correct digital time to the analog clock and then stop the timer in this fun interactive game.

  3. Stop the Clock Game: Time in 5 Minute Intervals

  4. Bang on Time Students will have great fun trying to "beat the clock" by stopping the clock when the hands match the time shown in words.

  5. Clock Talk Practice telling time to the hour and half hour. Set the correct hands on the clock.

  6. Telling Time Play a game by telling time.

  7. Train Times Help Marty catch the correct train. Great reading comprehension practice.


Measurement and Graphing

  1. Length Strength: Paper Clips

  2. Length Strength: Inches

  3. Length Strength: Centimeters

  4. Letís Graph!