Grades 3-5

Number and Operations | Fractions | Geometry

Money | Measurement | Problem Solving | Data Analysis

Number and Operations

Number Sense/Place Value

  1. Manny's Rumba  An excellent online tool to develop base ten concepts.

  2. Keep My Place  place value crossword puzzle; write out the numerals that match the number words

  3. Place a Number  Drag the dot onto the number line to match the value shown; differentiate by allowing students to practice place value with tens, hundreds, thousands, etc

  4. Number Machine Arrange three numbers to make a number greater than the Hacker's number.

  5. Award Ceremony Order a given set of random numbers; includes whole numbers and decimals

  6. Cookie Dough  Type the number word that matches the numeral.

  7. Cookie Dough (reverse) Type the numeral that matches the number word.

  8. Estimation Contraption Round numbers and find the sums in less than 60 seconds.

  9. Estimation Valley Golf Students practice estimation skills in one of three courses: the putting green, the junior course, or the pro course

  10. Estimator Develop estimation skills in 1 and 2 dimensions as well as estimating the number of individual objects.

  11. Estimator Four Play against a partner in this game that is similar to Connect Four. Correctly estimate the answers to addition or multiplication problems

  12. Behind the Blob Figure out the number hidden behind the red blob.

  13. Bead Numbers- great higher order thinking activity; practice with hundreds, tens and ones


  1. Addition 2 Digit Step-by-step an interactive site that leads students through the steps necessary to complete 2 digit addition problems with regrouping

  2. Addition 3 Digit Step-by-step an interactive site that leads students through the steps necessary to complete 3 digit addition problems with regrouping

  3. Draggable Addition Solve multi-digit addition problems using this interactive work mat.

  4. Draggable Subtraction Solve multi-digit subtraction problems using this interactive work mat.

  5. Find a Friend (3rd grade) Use mental strategies for multi-digit addition; 6 different levels of play.

Addition with Decimals

  1. Find a Friend Decimals Practice adding decimals; 6 different levels of play.

  2. Railroad Repair Game Add decimals to repair the railroad tracks.


  1. Multiplication Matho

  2. Multiplication Station Click on the squares to multiply the numbers so they equal the value under the word "Number".

  3. Multiplication Mystery Find the missing factors to solve the mystery.

  4. Multiplication Baseball Make a single, double, or homerun to score in this great online multiplication game. Students can practice single or double digit multiplication as they play online complete with sound effects!

  5. Product Game a fun, interactive game that exercises your skill with factors and multiples

  6. Grand Slam Math a great game to practice identifying the missing factor in a number sentence

  7. Draggable Multiplication Solve multiplication problems using this interactive work mat.

  8. Multiplication   Step-by-Step Exercise

  9. Multiplication with Regrouping Step-by-Step Exercise


  1. Division Matho Identify the missing dividend in a number sentence.

  2. Sum Sense Division Game Students are given four numbers to put into the correct places to make a division number sentence that makes sense. Challenging and fun!

  3. Draggable Division Solve division problems using this interactive work mat.

Mixed Operations

  1. Word Problem Baseball

  2. Math Magic timed math tests for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

  3. That's a Fact A self-pacing game to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts and improve memorization skills

  4. Tumbleweed's Math Maze based on "snakes and ladders"; kids are asked to answer simple math questions correctly; multiplication and division practice on the hard level

  5. Around the World basic fact practice to travel around the world in 80 seconds

  6. Arithmetic Four  A game like Fraction Four but instead of fraction questions the player must answer arithmetic questions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) to earn a piece to place on the board



  1. Simplifying Fractions See fractions side by side

  2. Bowling for Fractions Color in the spaces and then identify the fraction; each time you are correct you get a bowling pin

  3. Naming Fractions Write the fraction corresponding to the highlighted portion of a shape.

  4. Fraction Flags Students will use the paint tools to color the flag pieces in thirds as indicated.

  5. Fraction Flags (halves and quarters)

  6. Melvin's Make a Match Game Can you find the equivalent fractions in this online game. Solve the problems and move on to a higher level!

  7. Fraction Track Game This two person game allows students to explore equivalent fractions and adding fractions in a fun game format.

  8. Tony's Fraction Pizza Shop Read client orders and create pizza with appropriate amount of toppings

  9. The Fractotron Fractions will appear on the screen. Spot if they are more, less or equal to 1/2.

  10. Fraction Sorter Students represents fractions by coloring in the appropriate portions of either a circle or a square, then order those fractions from least to greatest.

  11. Find Grampy Grampy will hide behind the hedge somewhere between 0 and 1. To find him you must enter a fraction in lowest terms.



  1. Pattern Blocks Shape Game Students should have fun manipulating these shapes to make designs, and may learn something about tessellations in the process.

  2. Shapeville Pick out shapes in different photographs; 3 different games to play

  3. Triangle Alley Problem solving and trial and error come together in this shape game.

  4. Vortex Match complex shapes.

  5. Tangram Game Create the shape that is shown in the upper right corner.

  6. Star Gazing Choose the correct angle to point the telescope to view the planets.

  7. What's My Angle Explore angles using an electronic protractor.

  8. Planet Hop Graph or identify the coordinates of the four planets.

  9. Transformation Golf Become familiar with the coordinate grid.

  10. Banana Hunt Teaching students the degrees of a circle has never been so fun! There are bananas hidden at a certain degree on the circle and students have to understand the angles to find them.



  1. Cash Out  You're the cashier at this crazy store. You need to give change to the customers buying things. Try to sell as many items as possible before the time runs out.

  2. Money Program  Make the correct amount of money.



  1. Slueths on the Loose measurement and multiplication

  2. Area and Perimeter of rectangles Use the interactive ruler.

  3. Pan Balance  Explore weight with this interactive scale; print copies of worksheet for the activity

  4. Animal Weigh In  Practice converting ounces to pounds and grams to kilograms

  5. Calculating Area   Learn how to calculate area in real world situations with this interactive math activity

  6. Perimeter and Area


  Patterns/Problem Solving 

  1. Flower Frenzy  Help Tumbleweed plant his garden while practicing your patterning skills.

  2. Logic Zoo

  3. Pattern Quest great problem solving activity

  4. Crack Hacker's Safe Open the safe by cracking the patterns.

  5. Behind the Blob Figure out the number hidden behind the red blob.

  6. Stop That Creature! Figure out the rule that runs the function machine.

  7. Attribute Trains Practice completing patterns of shapes, numbers, or colors.

  8. Transformation Golf  Use critical thinking skills.

  9. Domino Puzzle  Fit the six dominoes so that each row and each column of the square has 8 spots in it.


Data Analysis

  1. Data Picking Make tallies and choose corresponding graph; 3 different levels