Title 1

Smitha Middle is a School-Wide Title I school.
A School-Wide Title I program is a comprehensive federally-funded reform strategy designed to upgrade the entire educational program in a Title I school; its primary goal is to ensure that all students, particularly those who are low-achieving, demonstrate proficient and advanced levels of achievement on state academic achievement standards.” 

 This school-wide strategy requires that a school:    
- conduct a comprehensive needs assessment; (i.e. benchmark tests)    
- identify and commit to specific goals and strategies that address those needs; (School Strategic Plan)     
- create a comprehensive plan; and (School Wide Title I Plan)    
- conduct an annual review of the effectiveness of the school-wide program and revise the plan as necessary. (School-Wide Review Team) 
Adopting this strategy should result in an ongoing, comprehensive plan for school improvement that is owned by the entire Smitha Middle school community and tailored to our unique needs.  
Whereas Title I targeted assistance programs only provide educational services to identified individual students, school-wide programs allow staff in schools with high concentrations of students from low-income families to redesign their entire educational program to serve all students. The emphasis in school-wide program schools is on serving all students, improving all structures that support student learning, and combining all resources, as allowed, to achieve a common goal. Schoolwide programs maximize the impact of Title I.  
As parents in a Title I school, your role is to assure parental involvement is essential to achieve maximum social, emotional, and academic growth and encourages participation of parents in all aspects of their child’s education.

The Parent Resource Center Room 127 

Computers Room 143 

Hours of Operation Monday to Thursday 4:15 PM to 5:15 PM 

or during School Events or By Request 

Please Contact Ms. Burris, Parent Facilitator Angela.Burris@cobbk12.org

For more information on Title I schools please click on the links:

Smitha SchoolWide Title 1 Plan (PDF)

2016-2017 Cobb County District Parental Involvement Policy: www.cobbk12.org/Title1 

Title I Designation: 

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2016-2017 School-Parent Compact:




2016-2017 Smitha Parental Involvement Policy:


If you have questions or concerns please contact our Title I Office:
Title I Office
Constance Carter, Director
1870 Teasley Drive
Smyrna, Ga. 30080
770 437-5932

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