Important Staff Information


Board Policy/Administrative Rules 2012

All South Cobb High School staff members MUST review all information below carefully.  Each item should be thoroughly read; however, you are more than welcome to print off the information and forms that you prefer.  Once you have reviewed all items, please type your name and date in the appropriate boxes.  Your name and date will suffice as your signature and state that you have read and understood each included item. 

This is MANDATORY and due by 4:00PM on Friday, August 17, 2012.



  1. CMA-R (Administrative Rules)
  2. DK-R (Student Activities Funds Management)
  3. DIE-R (Fraud Prevention)
  4. GAAA & GAAA-R (Equal Opportunity Employment)
  5. GAN & GAN-R (Tobacco-Free Schools)
  6. GAEB & GAEB-R (Harassment)
  7. GBRG-R (Non-School Employment)
  8. GBRL-R (Employee Dress Code)
  9. GARH-R (Leaves & Absences)
  10. GAMA & GAMA-R (Drug-Free Workplace)
  11. GAE, GAE(2)-R, & GAE(3)-R (Complaints & Grievances
  12. GBB-R (Personnel Positions)
  13. GBRGB-R (Tutoring for Pay)
  14. IGE (Curriculum Guides & Course Outlines)
  15. IFCB (Field Trips)
  16. IJNDB (Use of Technology Resourdes in Instruction and Safety Policy)
  17. IMD (School Ceremonies & Observances)
  18. JIH (Student Conduct:  Interrogations, Interviews and Searches)
  19. JKF (Student Conduct:  Removing Disruptive Students from the Classroom)
  20. KH (Solicitation and Advertising on School Property)
  21. KJA (Relations with Booster Organizations)


  1. Form GAGC-R (Employee Ethics)
  2. Form JL-1 (Child Abuse Protocol: 2/1/12)


  1. Physical Violence Clarification Protocol 7/1/09
  2. Suicidal/Homicidal Ideations Protocol


  1. Employment Law Posters - See posters in teachers' lounge
  2. Employee Request for Reasonable Acccommodations
  3. Children in Workplace Memo  Download Children in Workplace
  4. Civil Rights Compliance
  5. Worker's Comp Physicians
  6. Georgia PSC Code of ethics - See copy in your preplanning folders.



2012 Faculty_Handbook.pdf


After viewing each section please complete and submit this form