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T.J. Perry, Principal

 U.S. Davidson, AP  | Elizabeth Hayden, AP  | Amanda Pittman, AP/AD   Corey Sanford, AP  | Nichole Stennis, AP | Renee Stephens AP                  Sean Strachan, AP  | Angela Hurley, Magnet Coordinator

1920 Clay Road
Austell, GA 30106

South Cobb High School Administration


T.J. Perry
I am truly honored to be named the new principal of South Cobb High School, a pillar in the Austell community for over sixty years.  It is my privilege to work alongside a dedicated staff and flourishing community to ensure our students are ultimately positioned for success.  We will continue to always put our students first and cultivate a school culture rich with academic excellence and strong positive relationships.  I am eagerly anticipating a healthy collaboration among all stakeholders in this next phase of leadership for South Cobb High School.
I have served with the Cobb County School District since 2008 as a Math teacher at Garrett Middle School, an Assistant Principal and Athletic Director at Pebblebrook High School, and most recently as an Assistant Principal at Dickerson Middle School.  I look forward to beginning this journey of working with students, staff, and community members to foster an engaging, learning atmosphere.
It is my overall goal for every South Cobb High School student to be successful and become immediately productive and employable young adults.  We will continue using a variety of effective methods to deliver quality instruction full of rigor and relevance to enrich our students and increase student engagement.  I am a strong proponent of utilizing innovative technologies to enhance the educational experience for our students.  Regarding the magnet program, The Academy of Research and Medical Sciences at South Cobb High School is unparalleled and will continue raising the bar for our future health professionals.  In addition to academics, our athletic programs will continue to be more than competitive at every respective competition.  Our staff will work together as a general collaborative community which will be comprised of smaller content-based collaborative communities, all with the common goal of student success.  I have high expectations for all leaders, teachers, and learners at South Cobb High School, and together we will all be successful.
I am excited to begin building those key relationships with the local businesses, our feeder middle schools (Cooper, Floyd, and Garrett), our feeder elementary schools, our feeder youth sports and extracurricular programs, and other community leaders.  I do believe every single student can learn and succeed, and that is the primary focus of my leadership as the proud principal of South Cobb High School.  I am also charged to lead a school environment that creates positive and memorable experiences for all students.  I envision us being a school where students feel loved and safe, the staff feels appreciated, parents feel welcomed, businesses feel supported, and the entire community is proud to be associated with THE South Cobb High School.  I am honored and privileged to be your principal, and I am looking forward to leading here. Soar With Pride!



US Davidson
770-819-2611 Ext. 034
Discipline Group:

10th - 12th Q - Z

Administrative Responsibilities:

Textbooks / Transportation

Department Responsibilities:

Physical Education Department / OI Unit / Low Incidence


It is with extreme pleasure that I can be a member of the South Cobb High School family.  Throughout my professional career, I have worked in schools with student populations very similar to South Cobb's.  There is an amazing amount of talent within our student body and I am excited and ready to share my skill sets with the administrative team and our teaching staff.  I am a believer in the power of education and the doors it will open for all of those who are willing to avail themselves to it.  I believe all students should be given the opportunity to take full advantage of their educational learning experience.  I further believe that it is incumbent upon the administrative team and the teaching staff to ensure that ALL students are given the opportunity to SUCCEED.





Elizabeth Hayden
770-819-2611 Ext. 070
Discipline Group:

9th  K - Z

Administrative Responsibilities:

TKES / CCRPI / 9th Grade Academy

Department Responsibilities:

Math Department


Hello South Cobb Eagles!  I am Elizabeth Hayden.  My career in Cobb County began at Campbell High School in 2008 when our family moved to Georgia.  I served as a math teacher, the Math Departmet Chair, an Assistant Coach for Swim and Dive, the Head Coach for Boys Lacrosse and an Assistant Principal. My college career includes degrees from North Carolina State University (Go Pack!), Nova Southeastern and Berry College.

I am currently attending the University of West Georgia pursuing an Ed.D in School Improvement.  I am a servant leader who believes that student safety and success are cornerstones of all we do.  I am committed to "Reaching out and moving forward toward student success".  I want to help stakeholders partner with us to meet students where they are and help them get to their chose destination.

On a more personal note, I have been married to Jim Hayden a USAFA graduate since graduation day in 1985.  He is a consult with a management firm here in the Atlanta area.  We have two sons and two daughter-in-laws.  One son graduated from Roswell High School in 2012, and the other graduated from Campbell High School in 2014.  Both accepted appointments to the  Air Force Academy.  They graduated and are currently serving as officers in the Air Force.



Angela Hurley
770-819-2611 Ext. 083
Administrative Responsibilities:
Magnet Coordinator
Department Responsibilities:
Magnet Department

It is with great pride to be a part of the South Cobb High School family. I have a strong passion for sharing my love for science with students and assisting them with making plans for their future. I believe that great things will happen when we (educators, parents, and students) all work as a team.

 I am a native of the great state of Tennessee, and my husband and I have four amazing children. In my spare time, I enjoy family time, watching and attending sporting events, swimming, going to the local festivals, and reading.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."  Nelson Mandela 

Discipline Group:

10th - 12th  K - P

Administrative Responsibilities:

Athletic Director / Facilities

Department Responsibilities:

Science Department / Custodial Department / Academic Coaches


As a South Cobb graduate, I am honored to be a part of the South Cobb family once again.  I am passionate about student success and believe that athletics play a pivotal role in the success of high school students.  I look forward to working with the students, staff, and families of the South Cobb community this year!



Corey Sanford
770-819-2611 Ext. 080
Discipline Group:

9th  A - J

Administrative Responsibilities:

Testing Coordinator / Attendance / 9th Grade Academy / AVID

Department Responsibilities:

Social Studies Department / Media Center


 It is with great pride to be a part of the South Cobb High School family, home of the Eagles!!!!!  I have a passion for helping students suceed and becoming better citizens for our community.  As one of the 9th grade administrators, our focus will be to ensure that:

  • Students are safe.
  • Students have a smooth transition from middle school to high school.
  • Students receive a high level of instruction and maximize their full potential.

I am excited about this upcoming school year and look forward to partnering with our parents, community, and stakeholders to ensure that ALL of our students meet our mission:  "Reaching Out, Moving Forward towards Student's Success".



Nichole Stennis
770-819-2611 Ext. 043
Discipline Group:

10th - 12th   A - C

Administrative Responsibilities:

Curriculum / Master Scheduler

Department Responsibilities:

English Department


It is with great pride that I return to South Cobb High School, where I started my career over 15 years ago, to serve the best of Cobb County.  I have a passion for this community and helping our students see beyond the impossible.  I am here to serve our students, staff, and families to the best of my ability and to encourage, empower, and educate.

I'm a big football fan and as a native of Ohio I love the Buckeyes; however, when it comes to professional football I a diehard Pittsburgh Steelers fan.  #lovesports




Sean Strachan
770-819-2611 Ext. 084
Discipline Group:

Cohort Recovery

Administrative Responsibilities:

Title I / SSP

Department Responsibilities:

Foreign Language Department/ ESOL Department/ Fine Arts Department


Seeing students achieve their highest potential is my life’s work and passion. I cannot express enough how excited and honored I am to be working at South Cobb High School. South Cobb is an amazing place where faculty and staff truly care about student success. My wife Shuntay and I have four children Jordan, Chelsea, Christopher and Amorie. We enjoy spending time enjoying each other and with our pet Yorkie Milo. I am honored and proud to be a part of Eagle Nation.