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Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax II



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Renovations for Accessibility for Disabled $3,000,000
Access Controls $8,000,000
Buses, Vehicles & Equipment $6,000,000
Food Service Upgrades $3,000,000
Personnel Needs $4,000,000
School Level Furniture & Equipment $6,000,000
Security Fencing & Signage $500,000
Surveillance Cameras $2,000,000
Human Resources $4,000,000
Financial Services $3,000,000
Portable Classroom Repairs $1,800,000
Undesignated Classrooms $4,000,000
Local School Requests $30,000,000




Renovations for Accessibility for Disabled
As new students and staff with significant physical disabilities move to the Cobb County School District, and as new classes are established in schools which have previously had no students or staff with physical disabilities, modifications to the school facility are frequently needed. Examples include restroom adaptations, adding hot and cold running water to a classroom, door and thresh-hold modifications, handrails and ramps. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act require such modifications to permit physical access.
Access Control
School facilities need to be accessible to many people during and after normal hours. Increased Security needs require that staff members be confident that the doors, windows and locks can completely control access to each facility. This program will provide limited access to only authorized personnel, identify any person or groups in the building and when they entered as well as numerous other features not available now.
Buses, Vehicles & Equipment
Growth and attrition will require funding for replacement and new buses/support vehicles for the next five years.
Food Services Upgrades
Local school building renovations and replacement of large kitchen equipment including, but not limited to, walk-in coolers and freezers, ice machines, steam kettles, steamers and serving lines.
Personnel Needs
Associated costs for SPLOST Program Management and equipment installation
SPLOST Accountability Manager
Director of Construction and Support Personnel
Equipment Planning and Installation Personnel
Financial Reporting/Processing Personnel
Furniture/Equipment to Support Program
School Level Furniture and Equipment
Funding to support the furniture and equipment needs resulting from enrollment growth or replacement of items which are beyond economical repair.
Security Fencing and Signage
Security fencing, safety and security related signs, traffic flow indicators etc.
Surveillance Cameras
Digital surveillance recording equipment at middle schools and high schools.
Human Resources
Building renovations, replacement, repair and upgrades to furniture, fixtures and equipment for the Comprehensive Human Resources Information System (CHRIS).
Financial Services
Equipment and Software needed for continued improvement in tracking, reporting and control of CCSD Financial Resources.
Portable Classroom Repair
Replace carpet and repaint, replace blinds, insulation where removed in the ceiling, repair siding, roofing, windows, paneling, doors, ceilings, floor structure, gutters and downspouts.
Undesignated Classrooms
The construction of undesignated classrooms / instructional units for unforeseen future growth requirements.
Local School Requests
Specific Construction, Maintenance, Renovation, Furniture and Equipment projects requested by the local school. Each school will have a predetermined budget from which to draw the funds.