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Sprayberry High School is committed to developing a community of learners with the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in our diverse, 21st century society.  Through Advanced Placement courses, gifted electives, honors classes, AVID classes, and the Gilder Lehrman Academy, Sprayberry provides multiple avenues for students to reach their fullest potential and prepare for their future.

Sprayberry has been recognized as an Advanced Placement Certified School at the demonstration level since 2007.  Sprayberry offers 19 Advanced Placement Courses including all content areas.  30% of Sprayberry’s student population is enrolled in Advanced Placement courses on a yearly basis.  Over 50% of the students take at least one honors class each year.  Participation in these classes provides students with rich opportunities to develop critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills. 

Advanced Placement courses are developed to mirror college level curriculum.  Students scoring a 3 or higher on the College Board Advance Placement tests may earn college credit for entry level courses. Most major universities require a minimum number of Advanced Placement courses for admission consideration.  

In 2008, Sprayberry recognized 37 Advanced Placement Scholars for scoring 3 or higher on multiple tests.  Students enrolled in Advanced Placement classes scored an average of 207 points higher on the SAT than students not enrolled in AP courses.

Advanced Placement Courses at Sprayberry High School

English – AP Language, AP Literature

Math – AP Statistics, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC

Science – AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, AP Environmental Science

Social Studies – AP Human Geography, AP World History, AP US History, AP US Government, AP Micro Economics, AP European History, AP Psychology

Foreign Language – AP Spanish

Fine Arts – AP Studio Art, AP Music Theory

Sprayberry is part of a select group of  Nationally Certified AVID  High Schools in the Cobb County School District. The AVID program is a support program designed to boost middle and high school students in the academic middle toward a higher level of college preparation. In AVID, Achievement Via Individual Determination, students learn and practice the skills necessary for success in advanced classes.  AVID students are encouraged to enroll in at least one honors or Advanced Placement class each semester.

To learn more about the Advanced Learning Program at Sprayberry, parents and students are encouraged to attend the Advanced Learning Showcase in the Spring Semester.  Additional information may also be obtained by contacting Sprayberry counselors or the Advanced Placement Coordinator, Assistant Principal Jeanne Walker by email at Jeanne.walker@cobbk12.org

Honors Classes

The honors courses at Sprayberry expose students to more complex subject matter at an accelerated pace.  Sprayberry supports an open enrollment program for the honors program.  Students may enroll in honors courses as a result of teacher or counselor recommendation, or parent or student request. Students who successfully complete an honors class are encouraged to enroll in Advanced Placement courses.

 Honors Classes:

English – Honors 9th Literature/Composition, Honors American Literature (10th grade)

Mathematics – Accelerated Math I, Accelerated Math 2, Accelerated Math 3, Honors Analysis, Honors Calculus

Science – Honors Biology (9th), Honors Chemistry (10th), Honors Physics (11th)

Social Studies – Honors Geography (9th), Honors World History (10th), Honors US History (11th), Honors Government and Economics (12th)

Foreign Language – Honors Spanish III-VIII; Honors French III – VII; Honors German III – VII; Honors Latin III – VII

Why AP?

AP and the Cost of College Article


  • Nationally Recognized Program
  • Courses are audited by College Professors
  • #1 Predictor of College Success
  • Boost Grade Point Average (GPA) Earn one additional quality point per course passed
  • Earn College Credit
  • Save College Tuition $$
  • Nationally normed Test

Read University of Georgia article on Advance Placement and admission criteria.