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Name Graduation Year Industry
Adam Cannedy Class of 2003 Opera/Musical Theatre - Baritone
Michael Martin Class of 2002 Trumpet - Boston Symphony
Christopher Martin Class of 1993 Trumpet - Chicago Symphony
Marshall Ramsey Class of 1986 Syndicated Cartoonist, Author, Speaker, and Radio Host
Stephanie Michels Class of 1985 Broadway, TV, Film Actor
Jim Stacy Clas of 1985 Actor, Television Host, Writer, Producer, Illustrator, Designer, Decorator, Performer, Chef
Ty Pennington Class of 1984 Artist, Designer, and TV Personality
Travis Tritt Class of 1981 Singer, Songwrite, and Actor
Roy Johansen Class of 1981 Author and Screenwriter
Jennifer Larore Class of 1976 International Opera Singer - Mezzo Soprano
Rick Richards Class of 1972 Musician (The Georgia Satellites and Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds)
Doug Mabry Class of 1967 Historian and Preservationist
Robin ricketson Bolton Class of 1962 Artist - Painter
Dr. Chester Gibson Class of 1959 College Professor and Debate Coach