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Sprayberry is pleased to announce that the International Spanish Language Academy (ISLA) will begin accepting applications for the 2018-2019 school year on  December 1st, 2017.   Admission to the program is not limited to students currently residing in the school's attendance zone. but please note that we are not able to provide transportation to students enrolling from other feeder patterns.

The only academy of its kind in the entire state, the four-year program at Sprayberry is truly an exceptional opportunity in that it is open to both native speakers and students who are learning Spanish as a foreign language

Sprayberry's decision to model the ISLA program on a more inclusive design is based on a growing body of research:  students enrolled in other "immersion" programs actually end up learning the target language in isolation, but ISLA students enjoy an increased level of peer interaction with native speakers.  This has the benefit of helping to accelerate the speed with which they are able to attain language proficiency, and research has shown that students who perfect their language skills alongside their native peers score as well as (or even better than) their monolingual peers on standardized tests.

Students who successfully complete the ISLA program earn diplomas from both the United States and Spain; the Spanish International Diploma is the only officially accredited Spanish-Language qualification issued by the Ministry of Education, Social Policies, and Sports of Spain.  Most commonly referred to as the "DELE", or (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera), the diploma is internationally recognized by private companies, chambers of commerce, and public and private educational systems and centers.

Admission to the program is highly competitive, but those students who are selected to participate will have access to a rigorous program of study in which approximately 50% of each student’s overall coursework is conducted in Spanish.  Beginning in the 9th grade, ISLA students will take four years of Spanish and a total of eight additional content courses in Math, Science, English, and Social Studies which will also include a delivery component in Spanish. 

Our teaching staff is committed to providing students with a wide range of dual-language courses in Math, Science, English, and Social Studies.  Upon acceptance to the ISLA program, students may choose an emphasis on either the Humanities or Math & Science. Both Native Speakers and Non-Native Speakers are enrolled in these content-area courses together, depending on their chosen area of emphasis.  In addition, students  also take a Spanish Language class each year.  Native Speakers are taught separately from Non-Native Speakers during years one and two, but by their Junior year, students are enrolled in these classes together to help enhance and accelerate their acquisition of the target language.

(Please note that in order to ensure the academic integrity of the program, students must agree to complete both AP Spanish Language and AP Spanish Literature.)

Please remember that there are a limited number of spaces available in the program.  Interested applicants will be required to schedule an interview in order to assess their current level of fluency in the Spanish language.   The application window will officially open on December 1st.