Varsity Boys



Below is a list of the four HOME tennis matches for Spring 2009.

Please also note the Hospitality OR Food List and the family responsible to bring food and/or drink.

Each student will bring enough for 20-25 people and will only need to bring provide food one time!

If you can not bring your item on the date listed, PLEASE switch with someone on the list and let me

know.  I will remind each family of what you are responsible via email as we get closer to the home

match. Margie Crawford – or 770-565-8389


Feb 17 - SHS vs Lassiter

1.  Bishop:              Main (such as sandwich, hotdogs, BBQ, or ??), chips

2.  Cassady:           Sweet snack, case of individual Gatorade bottles

3.  Yu:                    fruit, case of individual water bottles,



Feb 26 - SHS vs Hillgrove

4.  Crawford:         Main (such as sandwich, hotdogs, BBQ or ??), chips, fruit

5.  Choi:                 Sweet snack (2), case of individual Gatorade, bananas



March 3 - SHS vs Hiram

6.  B. Lee:               Main (such as sandwich, hotdogs, BBQ or ??), chips, fruit

7.  Parekh:             Sweet snack, case of individual Gatorade and water bottles



March 2 - SHS vs Kell (NEW Date)

8.  Runge:              Main (such as sandwich, hotdogs, BBQ or ??), chips, fruit

9.  J. Lee:               Sweet snack, case of individual Gatorade and water bottles


DAY                     DATE                   OPPONENT                  LOCATION        

 Tuesday               Feb. 17                 Lassiter                         Home

 Thursday             Feb. 26                Hillgrove                       Home  

 Thursday             March 5               Allatoona                      Away         

 Tuesday               March 10             Osborne                        Away         

 Monday               March 16             Woodstock                    Away        

 Tuesday               March 17             Sequoyah                      Away         

 Thursday             March 19             South Paulding            Away

Monday                March 23             Kell                               Home

 Tuesday               March 24            Paulding County          Away

 Thursday             March 26            North Paulding            Away

Mondayv              March 30            Hiram                           Home          

 *Daylight Savings Time Begins March 8

**Region Tournament Quarterfinals are Thursday, April 2

***Region Tournament Semis and Finals are Friday, April 3

Sequoyah: March 17 (boys and girls away)

Paulding County: March 24 (boys and girls away)