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Sprayberry High School

Sara Griffin - Principal

Mark Giles - AP | Phil Henderson - AD | Dr. Richmond Parker - AP| Erin Smith - SSA

2525 Sandy Plains Rd.
Marietta, Ga. 30066
Phone: (770) 578-3200


Students may exempt one final for the semester, and it can be in any course.

The criteria are as follows:

  • Students must have an “A” in the class.

  • Students must not have had any ISS or OSS this semester.

  • Students must have fewer than 5 total absences this

Students may exempt one course of their choosing; it is not limited to the four core. They may only apply for ONE exemption; a second entry will be deleted.


The application will open on Monday, May 15th. Click HERE to apply.

The application will close for seniors on Wednesday, May 17th at noon.

 It will close for everyone else on Friday, May 19th at noon.