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Sprayberry High School

Sara Griffin - Principal

Mark Giles - AP | Phil Henderson - AD | Dr. Richmond Parker - AP| Erin Smith - SSA

2525 Sandy Plains Rd.
Marietta, Ga. 30066
Phone: (770) 578-3200

Social Studies Department

Name Blog Email Ext.
Tanya Lancee, Dept. Chair BLOG E-Mail 1126
Natasha Beemon BLOG E-Mail 1114
Charles Bussard BLOG E-Mail 1104
Travis Mobley BLOG E-Mail 1118
Tommy Moran BLOG E-Mail 1102
James Norton BLOG E-Mail 1106
Christina Pearl BLOG E-Mail 1120
Rebecca Rhinehart BLOG E-Mail 1108
Scott Smith BLOG E-Mail 1124
Annie Thielen BLOG E-Mail 1122
Phyllis Tschudi-Rose BLOG E-Mail 1116

Additional Support

If you're looking for extra help, the materials available on your teacher's blog (above) are a great place to start. Don't forget that Sprayberry offers additional resources, though:


Milestones End of Course study guides are available for English, Math, Social Studies, and Science.  Be sure to check them out if you'll be taking the test this year.  They are available HERE.
Departmental Tutoring is available each week in most subject areas. It lasts from 3:40 - 4:45 and is available free of charge. The departmental tutoring schedule will be posted here as soon as it is available.