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Tapp Clubs and Sponsors -- 2019 - 2020


Beta Club
Sponsor: Elizabeth Frost

Tapp Beta Club is a service organization, which means that we organize, host, or participate in events that help our school or community. Students must meet academic and behavioral criteria to be invited to join Beta Club.


Sponsor: Donna Green 


FCA stands for Fellowship of Christian Athletes, but you do not have to be one to participate.  The club meets on Friday mornings from 8:15 - 8:50am, usually in the theater ( subject to change based on other events).  Speakers range from local youth ministers to God's Warriors.  All are welcome to join.

Men of Tapp
Alexander Shannon

News Team
Sponsor: Keisa Ma 


Student Voice
Sponsors: Anita Haskins and Vannesa Clark


TOME Reading Club
Sponsors: Kristy Ward and Elizabeth Frost

Student Ambassadors
Sponsors: Shena Manning and Taiwo Faro


Women of Tomorrow
Sponsors: Joacey Bautista-Fraser and Devonna Hill


 Women of Tomorrow is a leadership and women emowerment program for all young ladies here at Tapp. We are recruiting young ladies who'd like to give back to their community, improve on skills and lifelong guidelines, and be a role model for others.