About the Teachers' Supply Store

Our Mission

The mission of the Teachers' Supply Storehouse is to operate a non-profit supply center where those who teach children can acquire otherwise discarded and donated materials from industry, organizations, and businesses for creative play and multidisciplinary education, and to awaken people to their creative potential.


Developed from a concept created by the Re-Center in Boston, the Teachers' Supply Storehouse is a unique collaboration of business, education, government, community, and environmental partnerships. It provides an innovative approach to the recovery and reuse of available, open-ended resources to serve area educators. Industrial by-products are donated by local businesses and industries to the Storehouse where they are cleaned, stored, and organized by volunteers. These materials are then offered free to teachers at periodic Open Houses throughout the year.

In September, 1998, in a 1,500 square foot space donated by the Southeast Paper Recycling Company, the Storehouse opened and since that time has held numerous Open Houses and served thousands of educators with literally tons of materials. In November of 2000, the Storehouse was moved to warehouse space provided by the Cobb County School District. The Storehouse has been recognized by the local affiliates of Keep Georgia Beautiful for its role in helping the environment. Marc Pickard of Channel 11 presented a segment on "Positively Georgia" commending our Teachers' Supply Storehouse for making a difference in the community. We have also received the 1999 Keep Georgia Beautiful Innovative Award, 1999 Keep America Beautiful Innovative Award (national), 2003 Outstanding Partner Award from Keep Cobb Beautiful and the 2002-2008 Keep Smyrna Beautiful Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Award.


The Storehouse Steering Committee consists of representatives from Southeast Paper Recycling, Keep Cobb/Marietta/Smyrna Beautiful affiliates, Cobb County School District, AT&T Pioneers, Northwest Metro Life Member Club, local PTA representatives and interested community members. These groups, along with a wealth of other volunteers, contact businesses and collect material, clean and display them, and plan, organize and staff the Open Houses. Personal donations from the committee members and visitors to the Open Houses, Keep America Beautiful affiliates, and Southeast Paper have covered the major expenditures for the transportation of materials. The flow of usable materials into the Storehouse is a continual process and the on-going activities are labor intensive. Corporate sponsors and grant monies are being sought to help locate a larger, permanent space and provide staff and equipment.


The Teachers' Supply Storehouse welcomes your participation in its activities by contacting possible sponsors and donors, transporting materials and volunteering for Board activities.