The Teachers' Supply Storehouse is a 501(c)(3), non-profit resource center where those who educate children can acquire discarded materials from manufacturers, industries, and businesses for creative play and multidisciplinary education. Industrial by-products are donated by local businesses and industries to the Storehouse where they are cleaned, stored and organized by volunteers. Then, they are offered free at periodic Open Houses throughout the year to area educators.

Through the unique collaboration of businesses, industry, education, community and environmental partnerships and a space donated by Cobb County School District, the Storehouse opened in September, 1998 and holds several Open Houses each year benefiting thousands of teachers and students. Educators are excited by the variety and the amount of materials and by the ability to utilize these free items, and businesses find an avenue for use of what might otherwise go to the landfill.

We welcome your participation and support in this worthwhile endeavor to recover and reuse available, open-ended resources to serve area educators.


Rose Angiuli and Anyce Craig

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