5000 Timber Ridge Road
Marietta, GA 30068
Phone: 770-642-5621
FAX: 770-642-5623

Timber Ridge Cafe'

If your child has specific dietary concerns or if you would like to limit the a la carte options for your child, please contact the cafeteria.

When making check payments to the Timber Ridge Cafe, please write the students ID # on the check. Thank you!


Did you know you can pay for your child's mealsonline? Click theMyPaymentsPluslink to prepay for your child's mealsconvenientlyfrom home!MyPaymentsPlus

Healthy Celebrations

Are you looking for healthy ways to celebrate your child’s birthday with their classmates? Check out the healthy celebration suggestions provided by our PTA's Nutrition and Wellness Committee.Healthy Celebrations

Nutritional Information

Nutritional information for the food served in our cafeteria is available on the CCSD Food and Nutrition Services website. Go to the menu section and clickon "lunch this week: menu information" to view nutrition information.Food and Nutrition Services

Medical Evaluation Report

Form JLC-8

This form is intended to provide to the Cobb County School District some of the medical information necessary to determinea child’s medically necessary nutritional needs/accommodations.

Click here to view/download the county's elementary school lunch schedule.

Timber Ridge Class Lunch Schedule

10:29-10:59 Durkee (Pre-K) 11:30-12:00 Houghlin (2)
10:32-11:02 Karaja (Pre-K) 11:34-12:04 Ellsworth (2)
10:38-11:08 McGinley (Gifted) 11:38-12:08 Osborne (4)
10:42-11:12 O'Rear (Gifted) 11:42-12:12 Turco (4)
10:46-11:16 Alleyne (Gifted) 11:46-12:16 Rosa (4)
10:50-11:20 Hauenstein (3) 11:50-12:20 Murray (4)
10:54-11:24 Swann (3) 11:54-12:24 Harmon (4)
10:58-11:28 Caswell (3) 12:00-12:30 Leverone (5)
11:02-11:32 Gow (3) 12:06-12:36 Burnight (5)
11:06-11:36 Vickers (1) 12:12-12:42 Cox (5)
11:10-11:40 Butler (1) 12:16-12:46 Pretorius (5)
11:14-11:44 Carper (1) 12:20-12:50 Nicholson (K)
11:18-11:48 Zarnik (1) 12:24-12:54 DeGaetano (K)
11:22-11:52 Brantley (2) 12:28 -12:58 Schenk (K)
11:26-11:56 Rountree (2) 12:32 -1:02 Walter (K)