Special Needs Pre-K Favorites


ABCYA - Where Education and Technology Meet

Kindergarten Literacy and Math

Tic Tac Toe - Math Lingo

Illuminations Math Activities

Kid Port Kindergarten Mathematics

Plug into Mathematics

AAA Math - Kindergarten

Place the Numbers on the Clock Face


Number Recognition

Play a Number Recognition Game

123 Order

The Counting Game

Number Train

Count Your Chickens



Count US Coins

Coins for Candy - Audio Lesson

Spending Spree - Money Lesson



Story Place - Shapes

Shape Game



PBS Kids

Magic School Bus - Monster Bugs

Magic School Bus - Find My Legs Bug Activity

Living Things

Dance Mat Typing



Switcheroo Zoo



Rhyming Activities

Reggie's Rhyming Words


Language Arts/Writing

Kindergarten Vocabulary

Make your own handwriting worksheets


Chateau Meddybemps Activity Center

Story Place - Read Stories in English or Spanish

Nina's Naming Game

Primary Spanish (practice at home)


Letter/Sound Recognition

Haunted Alphabet

What? Where? When? Why?

PlayKidsGames - Alphabet

Beginning/Ending/Rhyming Sounds



Super Why!


Book Pop (read fairy tales online)

Phonics Introduction

Story Bear (reads stories online)

Sesame Street Games, Stories, Art and Music

Clifford's Interactive Storybooks

Storyline Online (Read popular stories online)

Little Animals Activity Center (reading/numbers)