Fifth Grade Favorites

                      Internet Safety for Fifth Graders



Hidden Craft - Grid Coordinates

Kids Zone - Create a Graph

How to Create a Bar Graph Using Excel

Math Playground

Home Improvement Webquest

Online Basic Calculator

Online Scientific Calculator

Math Measurement - Squares and Rectangles


Around the World in 80 seconds


Cumulative Test Prep

Math Zone

Illuminations Math Activities

Plug into Mathematics

Factor Game

(play against a friend or the computer)

Number Sense

Fraction Frenzy

Online Weight and Capacity Lesson

Decimal Games

Power Football - Decimals


Probability - Fish Tank

Percentages - Student's Classroom

Data Analysis & Probability - Interactive Mathematics

A Plus Math


Language Arts

Vocabulary Games



Online Dictionary


Daily Grammar


Self Study Grammar Quizzes


Mrs. Crites' Grammar Page!


Houghton Mifflin English (K-5)

Story Mapping

Crash by Jerry Spinelli






What is Energy and How Does It Work?

Science Monster - Gravity and Inertia

Invention Playhouse

Physical Processes (Forces, Electricity, Light and Sound)

Earthquakes for Kids

Mountain Maker, Earth Shaker

Seismic Monitor



Math and Science Activity Center

EOA Scientific Density Activity

Hypermedia Textbook - Matter

American Museum & Natural History




Study of Northern Virginia Ecology

Kids Biology: Moneran

Moneran Kingdom

Unlocking the Mysteries: Kingdoms

The Five Kingdoms

Fish and Wildlife Species - Other Species


Scientific Classification

Biology 4 Kids - Invertebrates

KidPort - Vertebrates

Vertebrate Animal Groups

Welcome to the Who Zoo

Big Cats Online




Oceans Alive!

OceanLink...All About the Ocean

Ocean Zones




Genetic Traits



Ask Dr. Universe - Genetics

Where Did You Get Those Genes?



Online Chemistry Games

Chem 4 Kids

The Sciences Explorer - Chemistry

The pH Factor


Life Cycles

The Life Cycle of Animals

Life Cycles of Animals

Life Cycles: Butterflies, Chickens, Frogs

Interactive Life Cycle Games

Interactive Life Cycle Site of Plants


Changing Circuits

Static Electricity

Make an Electric Circuit Online

Electrical Conductors

The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits

Fantastic Contraption - an introduction to physics game


Geology for Kids, Plate Boundaries

Georgia Landforms

Georgia Travels Webquest

Georgia Travels Webquest - MAC version


Emergency Care for Baby Birds

Birds for Kids

eNature - America's Wildlife Resource

All About Birds

Bird Field Guide

Mango Verde - Bird Information

The Great Backyard Bird Count


Bird Sleuth

username = sleuth

password = heron






Sweirski's Survival Sites

Stay Alive

Survival Simulator Game

Five Basic Survival Skills

Survival IQ

Wilderness Survival

True Life Survival Stories