5950 Nichols Road
Powder Springs, GA  30127
Phone: 678-594-8298
Fax: 678-594-8300

About Vaughan Elementary


School location:
We are at 5950 Nichols Road, Powder Springs, GA. The nearest main roads are Antioch, Due West, and Mars Hill.

School hours:
The hours are 7:15 AM - 2:10 PM. We ask that no student be brought to school before 7:15 AM. There is no one to provide supervision until that time. Students should be picked up promptly in the afternoon if they are car riders. If for any reason your child remains at Vaughan after 2:45 PM, he/she will be taken to the After-School Program, and parents will be responsible for the charges.

ASP is a prepay program which operates each school day beginning at the end of the school day. The cost of this program for each child is $35 per week or $7 per day, with a $10 yearly registration fee. Click on the ASP button above to find out more.

Parents and visitors to Vaughan:
All parents and visitors are required by the Cobb County Board of Education to register upon arrival. Sign-in at the front office. All visitors and parents must wear a visitor's badge while on school property. The safety of our children is our first priority. Please adhere to these regulations! Thanks!

When children are absent, the school must receive a written excuse. Write a note to your child's homeroom teacher explaining the reason for your child's absence from school. Include your child's name, date of absence, reason for absence, and parent signature. Your child must have this note when returning to school.

Accidents and Illnesses:
Our clinic is staffed by a Clinic Monitor to treat minor cuts and bruises only. She also administers prescription medication with a signed medical release form from the parent. It is important that you keep an updated telephone number on file in the office. If for any reason your home or work number changes, please notify us. If a student is significantly ill, parents will be contacted to pick up their child. Clinic space is very limited, so please make every effort to arrive promptly if you are notified that your child needs to leave school.

Only prescriptions in original containers may be dispensed by school personnel as authorized by the Cobb County Board of Education. Please send a written note with your child to the office stating the time medication is to be taken and the amount. Medication must be administered in the school clinic only.

Law requires regular school attendance for all children between the ages of seven and sixteen. Regular attendance means actual attendance of a pupil during the entire day of school. We solicit your cooperation in planning appointments that will not interrupt school hours.

Bus Riders:
Children who ride buses to school are to ride only the bus to which they have been assigned. They must board and depart only at their assigned stops. In order for a student to ride another bus (in the event of an emergency or other reasons), parents must write a note to the child's homeroom teacher, explaining with whom he/she is to ride and on what bus. A school employee must sign the note and then the child should give it to his/her bus driver.

Lunch Prices & Charges:
Student lunches are $2.15 per day. Adult lunches are $3.00 per day. Students are encouraged to pay in advance by the week, month, etc. The daily charge will be debited from the student's account. (Students new to our school must pay daily until a permanent account is set up, which will take about a week.) Extra items, in addition to the complete lunch and drink, can be purchased. These extras are available for various prices and include items such as milk, juice, bottled water, ice cream, fruit, vegetable, entree, or dessert. Lunch charges are discouraged. However, if your child forgets his/her money and must charge, payments is due the following day. Under no circumstances may a child charge if he/she has an existing charge.

Media Center:
Our media center at Vaughan is an exciting and growing place. It is open each school day from 7:20AM - 2:20 PM. The media center is totally automated. The computer at the circulation desk is used to check books in and out for the students and teachers. Instead of using a card catalog, children use a computer at one of the look-up stations to locate books and information. A late fine is not charged for an overdue book; however, when children keep books longer than the assigned period, these books cannot be used by others. Please encourage your child to return books by the due date. A student who has lost a book will be allowed to use books in the media center, but may not check out a book until the lost book has been paid for or returned. A book damaged beyond repair must be paid for by the student responsible for the book. We welcome parent volunteers in the media center. We invite all children to join the Birthday Book Club and donate a favorite book to Vaughan in honor of their birthday.

The Cobb County Board of Education's policies stipulate that only one party is allowed each year. The party is held just prior to the winter holidays. Please do not request parties at other times of the year.

Personal Items:
Students should not bring any personal playthings, novelties, pets, equipment, etc., to school unless given permission by a member of the staff. Otherwise, they will be taken and kept in the office until the end of the quarter. Weapons and knives of any sort are strictly prohibited by Board policy. The first offense regarding this policy may result in suspension.

Physical Education:
Physical Education is a vital part of the of the development of the total child. For students to be excused from Physical Education, the school requires a written excuse. If a chronic problem exists, a note from a physician is required. For your child's comfort and safety, he/she should wear tennis shoes on Physical Education days.

Pupil Records:
In case of a student transfer, records will be sent to the child's new school when requested by that school. Please notify Vaughan at least two days in advance of a move so that records can be prepared. Records will not be sent until any outstanding charges are satisfied, i.e. lunch account, ASP, or lost media center, or textbooks. Release forms must be signed by a parent or guardian before records will be released. Student records are available for inspection by parents or guardians upon request.