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Wheeler AP Program

AP Exam Registration

Registration Window

Aug. 20 – Nov. 12 for fall courses

Jan. 6 – Mar. 6  for spring courses

Registration procedures and fees have changed this year. For details, see the AP Exam Information Document Here: pdf attached

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What is AP?

AP stands for Advanced Placement.  AP Courses are college-level courses taught at the high school level.  AP Courses are designed by CollegeBoard with feedback from college professors who know the important content necessary for the equivalent college course.  AP Courses are extremely challenging and require strong work ethic and academic ability for students to participate.  Students should make taking at least one AP Course a major goal during their time in high school.  AP Potential (see below) can help students determine which AP Courses might be right for them.  Students should also talk to their teachers and counselors about the AP Program at Wheeler for guidance on how to best prepare for taking AP Courses.

Wheeler AP Program

The AP Program at Wheeler encompasses AP courses, a culture of high expectations for ALL students, open access to rigorous courses, and preparing students before they enter an AP course.  Wheeler has a concerted effort to increase the awareness of and participation in AP Classes through a variety of means, including but not limited to, the use of AP Potential Data, specific counseling/presentations regarding AP Courses (such as AP Night), a clear set of courses that serve as good “entry-level” AP courses, and a full staff that is aware of the AP curriculum and the need to prepare students for that curriculum through all levels classes (from on-level to honors to AP).

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

Wheeler High School offers twenty-seven Advanced Placement courses representing language arts, mathematics, foreign language, social studies, science, music, and visual art. Most colleges and universities award credit for specific levels of performance achieved in the AP exams given in the spring. Enrollment is open to all students. Students are encouraged to complete the appropriate AP Exams offered by College Board. 

Advanced Placement (AP) Review Sessions

AP Central

AP Biology
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP Chemistry
AP Computer Science A
AP Computer Science Principles
AP Macroeconomics
AP Microeconomics
AP English Language/Comp
AP English Literature/Comp
AP Environmental Science 
AP French Language
AP Government
AP Human Geography
AP Latin 
AP Music Theory
AP Physics 1 (Algebra-based)
AP Physics 2 (Algebra-based)
AP Physics C: Mechanics (Calculus-based)
AP Psychology
AP Spanish Language
AP Statistics
AP Studio Art : 2D, 3D, and Drawing
AP US History
AP World History

AP Potential

Each year, Wheeler administers the PSAT to all 10th graders.  Many years, we will also administer the PSAT to all 9th graders.  This test is extremely valuable as a guide to help students know if and when they are ready to take AP Courses.

Where do I start?

AP Human Geography is one of the best AP Courses to begin your experience with the AP Curriculum.  AP Human Geography is a social studies elective course and is offered as early as 9th grade for students who are ready for the high level of rigor at that time.  Students can also take the course in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade if it is not the right fit in 9th grade.
AP Environmental science is another great AP Course to begin your AP Experience.  Typically, the most successful students are highly motivated and enter the class with the broadest and deepest backgrounds in science and math. Because of these prerequisites, students usually take the course in their junior or senior year.
Please note that the above courses are still at the college level and fast-paced, but they provide some of the best opportunities for first-time AP Students.

How to register for AP Courses at Wheeler

The primary way for students to register for AP Courses at Wheeler is through the Teacher Recommendation process. At the end of each course, teachers recommend students for subsequent courses in that content area.  Students should talk to their teachers about their interest in pursuing AP Courses.  Students should start these conversations at the beginning of the semester.  For example, if a student is taking on-level or Honors World History, they should mention to their teacher that they are interested in AP Government as a senior.  Their World History teacher can help to push them and prepare them for what the AP Course will be.  If students demonstrate strong aptitude and strong work ethic, the teacher can then recommend them for the appropriate AP Course.  In general, students are encouraged to take an Honors course in the subject area before taking an AP Course in that subject area.
Students should also talk to their counselors about taking AP Courses.  Students, parents, and counselors can sit together to look at AP Potential information for the students as they discuss future coursework.
If a student's schedule does not allow them to fit in a particular AP Course here at Wheeler, it is also possible to take AP Courses online through Cobb Virtual or Georgia Virtual.  Students can talk to their counselor about this possibility if schedule constraints arise.

College Credit

Students who earn certain scores on AP Exams can earn college credit.  Different colleges have different requirements as to which courses will receive credit, what kind of credit, and the AP Exam score required to receive credit.  Students and parents can do a search to find out which colleges give credit, and the exam score required, by clicking here.