Wheeler Final Exam Info

General Information about Final Exams
Final Exams are given at the end of each course and count anywhere from 10% to 20% of the overall grade.  Teachers determine what percent the final exam will count for their courses.  Final Exams take place the last three days of school.  The first of those three days is for skinny classes only, then the final two days are for 1st and 2nd block, then 3rd and 4th block, respectively.  Students are dismissed at 11:42 on these days.  The buses will run early on these days when students are dismissed.

Final Exam Exemption Policy (also known as Attendance Incentive Policy - AIP)
A student may exempt one final exam per semester if the following criteria are met. Teachers keep all records on tardies, absences, and grades.

a. Students must be enrolled within the first 3 days of the semester to qualify.
b. Students must earn an average of 80 or better in the class they wish to exempt.
c. Students may not exempt finals in AP classes.
d. Student may NOT exempt End of Course Tests even if they meet the AIP criteria. They MAY exempt the assessment given on exam day.
e. An assignment to ISS, OSS or Admin Detention voids the exemption for the semester of the incident.
f. Any cheating incident voids the exemption for the semester of the incident.
g. Students may have no more than 2 absences in a full semester class. Please refer to the attendance policies regarding full day absences, early dismissals, and late arrivals/tardies.
h. Approved school field trips, recognized religious holidays, two approved official college visits and approved Senior Project mentor visits (signed off form), do not count against the AIP exemption.

AP (Advanced Placement) Alternate Final Exam Policy
Wheeler has a policy that allows students to take an "alternate" final exam if they take the corresponding AP Exam for a course.  To read the full policy, click here.