Disposing of Surplus Equipment at Wheeler

No equipment can be thrown away. It all must be hauled off by the warehouse.  You must list any equipment that you want hauled off on the Surplus Equipment Haul Form.

  1. Keep the equipment in its current location, but label it as "surplus."
  2. Download the Surplus Equipment Haul form.
  3. Double-click the form to open it, then save it under a new name, such as "Old Monitors - Science Room 500 - May 2013.xls"
  4. Fill in all the red boxes/lines, including your name and the location (room number) of the equipment. Be especially careful to enter the property numbers accurately.
  5. Resave the file for your records, and print it.
  6. Get the form signed by your division head.
  7. Place the signed form in Lisa Beville's mailbox and email the completed Excel file to lisa.beville@cobbk12.org and chase.stroempl@cobbk12.org.