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Enrollment Information

You must bring the following items when enrolling your student.

1. Two documents proving residency (for example: home ownership title; lease or rental
agreement; current utility monthly statement; current Georgia driver's license or Georgia
identification card; current bank, credit union, or other financial institution documentation; mail delivered by the United States Postal Service; employer; a Cobb County property tax
statement; voter registration documentation from Cobb County; a current motor vehicle
registration (tag receipt); statement of legal residence (Form JF-2)).

2. Certificate of Immunization Georgia Department of Human Resources Form 3231 showing that the child has adequate protection against varicella (chicken pox), Hepatitis B, diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), tetanus (lockjaw), polio, measles, rubella (German measles) and mumps.

• The Certificate of Immunization (Form 3231) must be signed by a physician licensed under the laws of Georgia OR by a qualified employee of a county health department.

• A child who cannot be immunized because of a medical disability can be given a special certificate by a licensed physician or a county health department. If a child is not immunized for religious reasons, an exemption waiver must be obtained from the School District.

For students transferring from another state or country.
Students transferring to a Cobb County school from another state or country must obtain a certificate from a Georgia licensed physician or the Cobb County Public Health.

• A parent may present a written, dated immunization record attested to by a licensed physician or an authorized representative of a health agency of another state or country that adequate immunizations have been received by the student. Cobb County Public Health will place the record on file and issue a Certificate of Immunization, and the student can be admitted to school.

• Parents who have questions about immunization requirements can either contact a Georgia family physician, Cobb County Public Health at (770) 514-2300, or the Georgia Immunization Program at (404) 657-3158.

3. Certificate of Ear, Eye and Dental Examinations Georgia Department of Human Resources Form 3300 This Form 3300 Certificate must be dated within 12 months of the first day of school.

4. An official copy of the student’s Social Security card/number (A parent or guardian
who objects to the incorporation of the social security number into the school records of a child may have the requirement waived by signing a statement objecting to the requirement.);

5. A withdrawal form from the previous school and/or verification of academic status, including a valid transcript of work completed is received directly from the previous school attended

6. All academic, disciplinary, and special education records from a student’s previous
school(s) (Any student who is enrolling in the District for the first time in grades seven or higher must provide a certified copy of his/her scholastic and discipline record from the school previously attended. In lieu of providing a certified copy of a discipline record and transcript, the student may be admitted on a conditional basis by submitting a properly executed release authorizing the District to obtain such information from the school previously attended.)

7. The School May Also:
• request proof of custody or custody documentation; or
• suggest that the adult with whom the student lives obtain legal guardianship.
• request proof of age and name verification; and
• other information the school deems necessary for proper placement.

8. It is also suggested that you provide the names and phone numbers of persons who may pick up your child if you cannot be reached, and the name and phone number of your child's doctor.

See CCSD Administrative Rule JF (Admissions/Withdrawals) for additional details on Admissions.

TIPS: To expedite enrollment and placement for transfer students:

• A "Student Enrollment Checklist" (Form JF-7) is available for your convenience.

• Parents/guardians should complete a “Student Enrollment Form” (Form JF-5) and bring it with them to the school at the time of enrollment.

• Parents/guardians should bring progress reports, most recent report card, test information, and any information on special services your child may have received.

No habla Inglés? Necesita ayuda?
Las familias que no hablen Inglés y necesiten ayuda con el proceso de matriculación de sus hijos en la escuela pueden llamar al Centro Internacional de Bienvenida al (770) 819-2383.

Note: Non-English speaking families in need of assistance with registration in the ESOL Program may call the International Welcome Center at (770) 819-2383.

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