We know that you only want the best for your child. Wheeler High School would like to provide you access to as many resources as possible to help your child meet with success during their high school years.  We understand the daunting task of being a high school parent, so we offer the following resources to help you provide the help your child needs to achieve their high school goals.

Our academic goals remain focused on standards based assessment and increasing student engagement. The faculty and staff are working diligently to gather and analyze achievement data to match students’ needs with best instructional practices to make the greatest impact on student performance.

Below are guidelines to help you as parents know how best to help your student.  High School is a natural time for parents to back away and allow students to take ownership.  That "backing away" process will occur gradually.  Parents of 9th graders will generally be more directly involved than parents of 12th graders.  Please remember that you are your students' number one advocate.  Below are specific suggestions for how you can best help your student navigate high school.

STEP 1: Get a Synergy (ParentVUE) account and check your student's grades regularly.  Even if you trust your student fully, it never hurts to keep an eye on their grades.  For information about how to access your Synergy account, contact Judy Collins at

STEP 2: Ask your students about their day.  Wheeler has Learning Questions posted in each classroom that help students to focus on what they will be learning each day.  When your son or daughter comes home, ask them what they learned.  They should be able to give you great responses.

STEP 3: Teach your students how to advocate for themselves.  High school is the perfect time for students to begin approaching teachers on their own when they have a concern.  So often students are afraid to approach a teacher.  They are nervous about what the teacher will say or do.  But teachers love to hear from students and want to help them in any way they can.  Talking to adults, and teachers specifically, is a critically important skill for students to learn.  Please give students an opportunity to talk to teachers before you as parents intercede.

STEP 4: Encourage your students to do some work every night.  The high school transition is a huge process, and every student will "hit the wall" at some point.  They will find that the strategies they used in middle school no longer work.  Tests will be more challenging, so they will no longer be able to cram the night before.  They will no longer be able to "look over" their work from the unit and perform well on a test.  They are going to have to create mock tests and work them from scratch to make sure they understand the content.  They will no longer get a stellar grade if they complete a semester-long project the night before.  They will have to split the project over the time allotted to do the quality of work that is expected.

STEP 5: Encourage students to get involved in extracurricular activities.  When they love sports, performing, art, service, or any other activity, they can find a club or organization with which to get involved at Wheeler.  They can ever start their own club if their interests are not represented here already.  The more involved they are, the better their high school experience will be.

STEP 6: Encourage students to push themselves academically.  Students in on-level classes should work towards taking some honors classes.  Students in honors classes should work towards taking AP (Advanced Placement) classes, which are college-level classes taught in high school.

If you ever have questions or concerns, please let us know.  We are here to work together to provide the most outstanding education to every student who walks through our doors.