Parking Information


2018-19 Parking Info

Visitor Parking:

Visitor Parking is located in the row closest to the drop off area and is marked as visitor spots. Please do not park in faculty parking or in the spots by the stadium. Handicapped spots are marked and are located within the first part of the faculty parking area. You must either have a handicapped license plate or a valid handicapped permit hanging so our resource officers can see, otherwise you will be ticketed. You may park in the Bus Depot area as long as your vehicle is removed by 2pm so the buses have clear area to line up.

Arrival/Dismissal Procedures:

Buses enter and leave on Northside Drive, car riders enter on Northside Drive, drop off by the Main Lobby of the school and exit back onto Holt Road, and students with parking permits enter and exit on Northside Drive during morning arrival and during their dismissal and the student parking lot is in the rear behind the stadium.

When waiting for a student, do not park in the crosswalk and please turn off your vehicle. If you are coming in to pick up a student during the school day, please park in a visitor spot and enter the building. Please do not park in the fire lanes.

Parking for Performing Arts Center (PAC):

Parking for our Performing Arts Center (PAC) is in our back parking lot behind the stadium. You should enter the Southside Drive entrance, near our Arena, and go all the way to the back parking lot. You may drop off persons in front of the PAC and then continue on to the parking lot. Handicapped parking is available in the Lot just prior to the PAC.

Parking for Baseball Games:

Parking for our baseball games is in our back parking lot behind the stadium. You should enter the Southside Drive entrance, near our Arena, and go all the way to the back parking lot. If the Southside Drive is closed you can reach the back parking lot via the Northside Drive. Keep driving back behind the stadium and park on the far side of the big parking lot (closest to the baseball field).


!!!SOLD OUT!!!       Fall 2018 Student Parking     !!!SOLD OUT!!

All forms, which can be downloaded below, must be completed along with required attachments & payment. There are limited spots available. Everything can be turned in to Ms. Losner in Admin IV (Freshman Focus Office across from room #150) between Thursday, July 26th & Tuesday, July 31 from 9-11:30am and 1-3pm. 

The week of August 6th-10th Ms. Losner will collect forms with payment from 9-11:30 am ONLY!

Beginning August 13th, Ms. Losner will collect forms with payment for any remaining spots only on Tuesdays & Thursdays during 1st & 2nd blocks.  Please make sure you have ALL Required paperwork as described in the Parking Procedure sheet. If any part is incomplete...your application WILL BE RETURNED TO YOU for correction and completion but only if there is time.

Decals can be picked
    - July 31, 2018 between 9-11am and 1-3pm in Admin IV
    - August 1, 2 & 3, 2018 during 1st & 2nd Blocks in Admin IV and ALL LUNCHES in the Cafe'

Only 12th & 11th graders are eligible for parking spots.

There are a limited number of student parking spots on campus, once they are sold out they are sold out and there is nothing we can do.

10th graders, or those who are unable to get a parking decal, can contact GRACE Marietta Church to park on their campus at 675 Holt Road. Contact or 770-971-3052 for more information.


There must be no outstanding fines, (Book, Library & Parking), to receive a parking permit.

Students must turn in the Parking Application and all pertinent attachments EACH SEMESTER!!! Your parking decal is only good for the Fall 2018 semester, students must reapply for Spring 2019!!

Download and complete the following forms

Also attach

  • Copy of student’s valid Georgia driver’s license
  • Copy of vehicle proof of insurance. (this must be current)
    This document must reflect the company’s name, telephone #, policy #, dates of coverage, and the vehicle the student will be driving.
  • Copy of the vehicle registration (vehicle must be registered in Georgia).
  • Check made out to Wheeler High School.

Do not staple or fold the application, use a paper clip.  Please put the papers in the order listed above with the check paper clipped on top.

Make sure that all information requested on the application is entered, for example: VIN #, Tag #, License #, School Site, etc.          

If you are a "Joint Enrollment" , "Magnet Intership", or "Minimum Day" student, write it across the top of the application.

NOTE:  Students will not park in teacher's spaces or visitor's spaces at anytime during school hours, nor should they be parking at the former East Cobb Middle.  Violators will be ticketed and after fourth offense they will be towed.