Wheeler High School HS

Peter Giles, Principal

Christian Barnes, AP | Ken Ealy, AP | Troy Jones, AP/AD |                     Pamela McCabe, AP | Michael Sawyer, AP | Dr. Tiffany Stark, AP

375 Holt Road
Marietta, 30068
Phone: 770-578-3266
Fax: 770-578-3268

Wheeler Special Education

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Name/Blog Postition Contact
Arny, Margaret Special Education- Paraprofessional Margaret.Arny@cobbk12.org
Beasley, Marla Special Education Marla.Beasley@cobbk12.org
Bigbee, Amy Special Education Amy.Bigbee@cobbk12.org
Bryant, Santavious Special Education Santavious.Bryant@cobbk12.org
Case, Rob Special Education Robert.Case@cobbk12.org
Czerwonka, Barbara Special Education- Paraprofessional Barbara.Czerwonka@cobbk12.org
Doe, Bryce Special Education Bryce.Doe@cobbk12.org
Geraghty, Susan Special Education Susan.Geraghty@cobbk12.org
Holcomb-Knowles, Cathleen Special Education Cathleen.Holcomb-Knowles@cobbk12.org
Huston, Cheryl Special Education- Paraprofessional Cheryl.Huston@cobbk12.org
Joyner, Phyllis Special Education-
Support and Services Administrator
Leyva, Rosalia Special Education Rosalia.Leyva@cobbk12.org
Matthys, Susanna Special Education Susanna.Matthys@cobbk12.org
Oakley, Faye (DL) Special Education Faye.Oakley@cobbk12.org
Rich, Mary Special Education Mary1.Rich@cobbk12.org
Russell, Lauren Special Education Lauren.Russell@cobbk12.org
Stier, Mary Special Education, Cheer Coach (BB) Mary.Stier@cobbk12.org
Thigpen, James Special Education James.Thigpen@cobbk12.org
White, Donyeer Special Education- Paraprofessional Donyeer.White@cobbk12.org
Wright, Marquis Special Education- Paraprofessional Marquis.Wright@cobbk12.org
(DL) Denotes Department Leader